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Police: Driver was impaired, texting when vehicle flipped

Posted May 31, 2011

— An SUV flipped on its side in a single-car wreck Tuesday at the corner of Rosemary and Henderson streets in Chapel Hill, police said.

The driver, whose name was not released, was charged with driving while impaired, texting while driving and reckless driving.

Police said she was impaired and was using her cell phone to text when she drove up on the sidewalk and hit a guide wire, flipping her vehicle on its side.

No other information was released.


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  • TarheelTurtle Jun 1, 2011

    Anyone notice the soccer sticker? Way to go, Soccer Mom! Hope the kiddies weren't in the car with you.

  • ncdixie1 May 31, 2011

    Glad to read there were no injuries. Things could have turned out badly here. When will people learn?
    So all that have posted here, thank you so much for refraining from texting and talking while driving. I appreciate the respect and you can be sure I return the same respect to you.

  • 1 awesome Dad May 31, 2011

    Folks are not going to change. Technology brings advances and it brings detriments as well. We all know what happens when we take our eyes off the road. As a professional driver I passed a woman in NYC doing her makeup, reading paper, and had her child holding the steering wheel. So people dont respect driving until they are wrapped around a pole or life flighted somewhere or paralyzed due to bad decisions. So be aware of your surroundings and drive defensively and pray you make it home every night. I did and thank God I drove for a little over 1,000,0000 miles with no accidents.

  • justabumer May 31, 2011

    Today I noticed that the driver behind me was on the phone and doing her makeup. Don't know how the phone call went but she was wasting her time with the makeup.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman May 31, 2011

    working - "everytime I see a car weaving, going slower than everyone else or doing something crazy, she's always texting."

    10/4. Me too, and I try to turn off and take a different route if I can.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman May 31, 2011

    What's the penalty for charges like that?

    Praying it's more than a slap on the wrist.

  • dmccoy May 31, 2011

    what the pull over child you could have killed someone the call was not that important, i think you life means more "don't you"?

  • readerman May 31, 2011

    That's a narrow street and you have to have all of your wits about you to drive on it. It's hard enough when you are sober and paying attention. What a fool to be impaired, texting, and driving on a narrow road. Three strikes!

  • workingforthosethatwont May 31, 2011

    everytime I see a car weaving, going slower than everyone else or doing something crazy, she's always texting.

  • workingforthosethatwont May 31, 2011

    my original post got censored....all I said was, of all the people I see texting on a daily basis, a large % of them are not male drivers.