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Police: Convicted felon had weapon of mass destruction

Posted February 9, 2011

— Police charged a Fuquay-Varina man Wednesday with having a weapon of mass destruction.

Reginald Hinton, 32, is also charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. The weapon of mass destruction, police said, was a sawed-off shotgun.

Hinton was taken to the Wake County jail. His bond was set at $85,000.


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  • citizensoldier16 Feb 10, 2011

    So, I again ask...does a short barreled shotgun fit in the same category as VX gas or a nuclear warhead? I think not...

  • Jeff_W Feb 9, 2011

    It is not the media or the police department that defines a sawed off shotgun as a WMD. It is simply called that by statute - Specifically NC GS 14-288.8. It is not a dramatization, it is just what the reference of the statute calls it, nothing more, nothing less.

  • ngsoldier13p Feb 9, 2011

    A sawed of shotgun is a WMD as defined by NC General Statute in Chapter 14, Criminal Law. Also included are Short Barreled Rifles, grenades, automatic weapons, and pretty much any other Federally banned weapon. If you don't like it, complain to your NC House Reps. It has nothing to do with the Patriot Act or the media. WRAL is simply quoting what he was charged with.

  • piknowles4 Feb 9, 2011

    I agree with the talk about the WMD tag being overdone. I do question the remark that a sawed off shotgun's effective range is about 10 ft.I hope no one ever fires one at you and you're 15 ft. away and you think you're safe.

  • dmarion2 Feb 9, 2011

    The press and others have completely corrupted the meaning of the term "weapon of mass destruction." Now they use it to mean just about anything that goes BANG from a firecracker to a nuke. Traditionally, the term was coined to refer to really dangerous unconventional weapons more formally designated as NBC - nuclear, biological, or chemical (and "chemical" did NOT refer to black powder or gun powder!) Such weapons have the very real potential to kill hundreds or even tens of thousands of people at a time. A shotgun is not a weapon of mass destruction; it's just an old-fashioned "deadly" weapon. The use of the term "WMD" here is a journalistic embarassment. You can believe that if this guy in F-R had a "real" WMD, they would have never let us know about it.

  • wayneboyd Feb 9, 2011

    If that is a weapon of mass destruction, then I don't want to hear any more democrats bashing Bush for entering Iraq.

  • HDBiker Feb 9, 2011

    Sounds like the government using a weapon of mass charges.

  • mrcrosbys Feb 9, 2011

    Really, a weapon of mass destruction, a shotgun PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE what a national of scared little people this becoming. Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave

  • GoGreen Feb 9, 2011

    weapon of mass destruction ... a sawed-off shotgun.

    I guess this is what Saddam had. Maybe we should send Reginald to Guantanamo?

  • ckblackm Feb 9, 2011

    I wonder if he found the WMD in Iraq.