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Police Canvass Neighborhoods for Leads in Slayings

Posted June 28, 2007
Updated June 29, 2007

— Police went door to door Thursday in hopes of finding some killers.

Dozens of officers and volunteers canvassed two neighborhoods, handing out fliers and talking with neighbors in hopes of finding leads in two recent slayings.

Quincy Bowens, 15, was killed in drive-by shooting Monday night. Police said the teen was trying to save his young cousin when he was shot.

Roderick Butler was shot in the head when he answered a knock at the front door Tuesday night.

Investigators said they don't believe the two cases are connected.

The effort led to several leads that investigators will follow up, police said.


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  • PDMARTIN Jun 29, 2007

    If they don't start talking to police then that gives the THUGS the upper hand. If they (residents) would tell and tell all their neighborhood would be safer. Take back THE HOOD.

  • mindlessfa99it Jun 29, 2007

    Yeah I agree with everyone so far. It is sad that everyone has a no snitching policy in the hood. I live in the heart of it and I only know one guy who talks to the cops and keeps them up to date on a reg. basis and he lives right across the street from me. The durham sheriff is at his house at least once or twice a week and they talk about things happening in the neighborhood. I just wish durham p.d. would step up patrol's in the area. I hardly ever see them anymore and when i do they are sitting in a parking lot somewhere talking. I called and reported gunshots about 2 weeks ago because it was so bad... It seriously sounded like WW3 was happening right behind my house and the 911 operator sounded like he could care less and said he would have someone look into it. I fear for my girlfriend and my safety on a daily basis. I can't wait to move away from there.

  • Nancy Jun 29, 2007

    The answer to the increase in murder is for those who live among these murderers have to take control. Not talking, not providing information just perpetuates the problem.

    And what is the outcome of not helping the police? More crime, more violence. Being quiet never works. Murderers don't care you've "helped" them by being quiet. Their whole purpose is intimidation and it's working.

  • normalthinking Jun 29, 2007

    this kid may have been innocent but there was a reason why someone was shooting at his aunts house and you can bet she knows who it was

  • hp277 Jun 29, 2007

    There needs to be a greater effort to file federal firearms charges against these thugs so they will have to serve more time for their crimes.

  • floyd_lawson Jun 29, 2007

    68_polara..I think you're right on some of your points. There is definitely a price to pay for people that testify against gangbangers but anyone can make an anonomous tip. A lot of the culture in these neighborhoods have adopted the "stop snitching" policy and they are just anti-law enforcement. They'll just re-pay these thugs with their own drive-by or spread the word to someone that will instead of doing what's right. I'm glad that child didn't get hurt but unfortunately he or she had to witness this and has to live in that enviroment, it's sad.

  • 68_polara Jun 29, 2007

    It's hard to break the silence in these communities. These people must fear for their lives when they talk to police. And unfortunately their fear is justified when they testify against a hood or gansta. These violent felons, even when convicted of murder, are back on the street within a few years and if they happen to see those who testified against them, well let's just say it's not a pretty situation. The only way to make progress here is to lock murders away for most of the rest of their lives or to use the death penalty. I have personal objections to the death penalty and I wish we would stop using it, but I have to admit it's effective in deterring repeated offenses. The Judges in Durham county are failing us, they are failing down town revitalization, low income communities, and everyone in the county. In the mean time when in Durham your personal safety is up to you. If you are a victim of a violent crime you or your family will not have Justice.

  • skinnycow Jun 29, 2007

    I hope if someone saw something, anything, that they will come forward and tell the police. We cant have uncivilized hooligans patrolling the streets shooting at whatever is moving. And we cant have people going door to door like they are the terminator. Dont let the death of these two people become another cold case file for Durham. Someone has to be held accountable and I am praying desperately for justice to be served.