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Police: Brothers stole recycling cans

Posted October 16, 2008

— Two brothers have been arrested after police said they tried to turn trashcans into cash.

Stevie Peterson, 62, Maryln Peterson, 61, both of 1208 E. Elm St., were charged with misdemeanor larceny, first-degree trespass and obtaining property by false pretense.

Police investigating the theft of aluminum cans from Goldsboro's sanitation department located the stolen cans at a private recycling center. Officials there implicated the brothers, saying they were paid $86 for the cans, police said.


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  • colliedave Oct 16, 2008

    I can believe he drives around to each recycling zone to do the same thing.

    with the cost of gas, he can't be too bright

  • Lone Voice in the Wilderness Oct 16, 2008

    I've seen it in my neighborhood: on recycling day, I've seen a guy walk around & steal aluminum cans from all the curb recycling bins.

    Next time, I'm going to photograph him with my iPhone & call the city recycling department.

    Why would I do it over such a petty thing? Well, it's wrong. He's making money off of everyone else's work. And if he does it in my neighborhood, I can believe he drives around to each recycling zone to do the same thing.

  • colliedave Oct 16, 2008

    I am as conservative as the day is long, but does it make sense for the State to prosecute these guys for $86 worth of trash? How many manhours at what payrate will used to convict these guys? So, we spend several thousand dollars to convict the guys for a left of $86 of cans? We add to the court docket for these heinous crimes?

  • Scubagirl Oct 16, 2008

    who would name their son Maryln

  • HopingForABetterWorld Oct 16, 2008

    Actual conversation as recorded on a secret video, "Hey bro. What'cha doing? "

    "Thinking of going to work and earning a living."

    "Na, I have a better idea. Let's go steal some recycling cans."

    "Yeah dude. We can earn enough to retire."

    "Cool, let's go find some customers."

  • Jake B Oct 16, 2008

    At least they were doing their part to recycle. And I am sure that the money was donated to the church. LOL. Come on guys, at that age, shouldn't one know better by now. Guess it shows that some people really never do learn.

  • pebbles262004 Oct 16, 2008

    Times are getting bad!!!!