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Police asked to investigate Louisburg High coach

Posted January 6, 2009

— An attorney representing Franklin County Schools has requested an investigation into an allegation that a Louisburg High School coach impregnated a student, Louisburg Police Chief Rick Lassiter said Tuesday.

Lassiter said Boyd Sturges, the school district's attorney, called the police department Tuesday to initiate an investigation. He said he has asked the State Bureau of Investigation to assist in the case.

No charges have been filed.

Lassiter said the girl involved in the allegation is a Louisburg High student, meaning the coach would have had a custodial relationship with her. He declined to say how old she is.


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  • lhsparent1970 Jan 15, 2009

    Hopefully when the child is born and she holds it in her arms she will discover true, real love. Unfortunately, I have heard that her parents are going to raise the baby. Better luck this time around is all I have to say.

    Once again, yes the adult is to hold the resposiblity for his actions and this affair. Before anyone misunderstands what I am saying.

  • pinkletoes Jan 14, 2009

    they love each other. heregirl922

    If he loved her he would not have put her in this situation. If she came on to him he would have refused. When you love someone you put that person's best interests ahead of your own wants.

  • lhsparent1970 Jan 14, 2009


    She had no idea what love is. She can think about that though when she is pushing that baby out. If he knew what love was he would have been loyal to his wife and their kids. Does she honestly think that he will not do the same to her, kids these days. By the way, carring a baby does not make you an adult. I am glad she has friends though, maybe you can baby sit for her sometime. It doesn't shock me that she is not paying attention to what people think, if she did maybe she would have stayed away from a married man!

  • heregirl922 Jan 14, 2009

    ok. first of all. everyone who is defending this girl and you dont know her...God bless. everyone who is defending her and does know her...same to you. but if you are judging her and critizing her actions and you dont know her. or even if you do then you should be ashamed of yourself. i know this girl very well. she is one of my best friends. and if this incident would have happened to anyone else i admit i would be shocked, suprised, judgemental...but i shouldnt do that. you dont know her or the story behind what she did. or what he did. age is a number. they love each other. and it just so happened that he was a gym coach. not HER gym coach...A gym coach. do not judge. you dont have the right. only God can judge this girl and this man. but not you. not until you know the story and you fully know her. ps...the harsh comments people are leaving makes no difference. she isnt paying attention to them...get over yourselves.

  • Eduardo1 Jan 13, 2009

    I bet,that justice will be harsher on him then it is on the female (tramp) teacher who had sex (statutory rape) 300 times with a 13 year old boy

  • xxxuncblondiexxx Jan 13, 2009

    It seems to me that Dr.Dataclerk loves to keep things stirred up and tend to other people's business. Why do you have to keep nagging the situation on?? It is done and over with, tend to your business for once in your lifetime.

  • NCTeacher Jan 13, 2009

    Sorry- that should be realize

  • NCTeacher Jan 13, 2009

    I am curious enough to ask...who are you Dr. Dataclerk? Why do you have so much interest in this particular set of events? Are you the moderator of this site? (I guess you are only because you respond to every comment.) If not, what do you (in your opinion) think will be the outcome of this event.

    Oh Dr. Dataclerk is an expert on anything and everything that involves the public school system. Didn't you relaize that?

  • pinkletoes Jan 13, 2009

    Everyone has a right to their opinions and to WRAL's approval. Reread your comments before jumping to the conclusion. I responded to your comment. :)When you do wrong; there will be consequences. It will not be sweet, either.
    Dr. Dataclerk

    I never said you didn't have a right to your opinion. YOU seem to be the one jumping to conclusions. And jumping all over many of the other posters. This is just a message board. You seem to be taking your role here a bit too seriously.

    :) right back attcha.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 13, 2009

    Woohoo.....then the girl should have thought about this while she was slicking her parents. I don't feel sorry for her at all. Now she is seeing the consequences of her actions. May other young ladies learn by this girls error of ways. Dr. Dataclerk

    I didn't suggest that you should or should not feel sorry for any of the involved parties.

    Everyone has a right to their opinions and to WRAL's approval. Reread your comments before jumping to the conclusion. I responded to your comment. :)When you do wrong; there will be consequences. It will not be sweet, either.