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Police Arrest Teen for Threats on MySpace

Posted May 30, 2007

— Raleigh Police arrested a teenager and charged him with intimidating a witness with a MySpace account.

Investigators say 17-year-old Michael MacDougall posted a rap song on his MySpace Web page in which he said he would shoot the victim.

The song says the victim is a snitch, because he told police that MacDougall robbed him.


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  • ncinked May 31, 2007


    i will shoot you is a threat and someone probably told the victim it was there and he went to the site which is public and heard it.

  • pixelicious May 31, 2007

    ok hold up...
    i understand this guy robbed joe blow and for that he should be punished. however i do not understand how they can get him for communicating threats. why was joe blow looking at this guys myspace in the first place. This guy never said that he was going to kill joe blow, this article doesnt even say he spoke to the guy.. yes he put a song on his myspace that said blah blah blah .. so what? if i were to put "before he cheats" on my myspace that would mean I could go to jail because it proves that im going to go vandalized my boyfriends car?

  • LoneWolf72 May 31, 2007

    Am I missing something here?? It seems to me that if it weren't for myspace, this thug would still still be out there plotting to harm a witness....instead, he posted a threat, it was reported to authorities and they acted...looks like the system worked for once to me.

  • rainy39 May 31, 2007

    in our home so that is not a worry from us. We found out she had accessed the acct at her friends house and did this. So guess what? Her password was changed to one she didnt know. The only way she could get into her acct was here at home when WE logged her on. Its not so hard to do!!! But seeing the way the other kids post sexual things and all the opportunites they are afforded as young impressionable minds, we decided to get rid of it til she is more responsible and we feel its ok for her to have it. If we as parents dont step up and take back some control of our children, then we are only asking for the bad things we get as results.

  • rainy39 May 31, 2007

    I have myspace and love it now that more of my far away friends and family are added. HOWEVER I totally agree that parents have to monitor what their kids are doing. I have a 15yr old as well as a 13yr old. We allowed the 15yr old to have a myspace acct, with us knowing the password. To make a long story short, her "friends" from school had inappropriate things on their profiles to the point of we had enough so she no longer has an acct. Is that mean to her? Maybe, but she has limited time on the computer and she doesnt go to friends houses like that so her only access is here at home. She is allowed on the computer only when we are home and her password is the same to everything she uses. We check her history and keep tabs on what they do. Its up to us parents to say this is right or wrong. They follow our example. When she had her myspace, she did try contacting a male friend and even put her picture up there from the one friends house she did go to. We have no webcams or digital cam

  • headlong May 31, 2007

    My girls all have MySpace accounts...they have the privacy installed so not just anyone can view or add them...BUT also have Family members on their lists, I ask to read posts, and see pictures so not much they can do without me knowing. If they do not let me view a neat little free tool out there where I can block their MySpace pages and they know I will.

    My two neices have MySpace accounts and they are below the age of 14...kids are smarter then we think when it comes to computers and is a way around age restrictions. I have even called my Sister telling her how I did not think some of their pictures were suitable and could cause them trouble...they were told to take them down. It is up to the Parents/Family to keep an eye on them not MySpace.

    What is the difference if they have a MySpace or regular website???

  • atozca May 31, 2007

    Parents do need to monitor their children plus teach their children to have discernment and to respect others and how to interact in society. Parents can not always be there to look over their children's shoulders and shouldn't have to be. Part of parenting is teaching self discipline. As others have mentioned, we don't need to take away the tools, we need to learn how to use them properly.

  • Hip-Shot May 31, 2007

    Why are you blaming MySpace? MySpace is a legitimate website used by millions of people for enjoyment. Perhaps a better job needs to be done verifying ages, but how do you propose to do that? There will always be ways to lie. The problem in my eyes is largely due to the upbringing(or lack thereof) by the parents of today and peer pressure. Disciplining of children by parents is largely non-existant and ineffective.

  • Tax Man May 31, 2007

    The problem is NOT myspace - just like the problem is not the gun - it is the person who misuses the tool - myspace is used properly by millions of people to communicate ideas - guns are used by millions of people for legitimate purposes. Don't take away the tools because a few dopes misuse them - punish the dopes and let the rest of us lead our normal lives.

  • jannisheart May 31, 2007

    Duh! You can raise the age limit all you want. Do you really think kids/teenagers aren't smart enough to LIE about their ages? I mean seriously the "application process" of getting an online profile is so easy that all you have to do is put your birthday and a year on it that fits to make the website happy. Come on people raising the age limit is a good idea but there will STILL be loop holes and what about the OVERAGED pervs on there what do you suppose we do with them? Have an age limit for them? Or have them better yet tell up front "I'm a perv" but I still want a profile anyway. That's not the solution and the only solution I could come up with is parents/people step up and be nosy and ask your kids WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! and WHY!!! WHO!!! If you see someones kid on there speak up to the parent and ask them if they know their kid has a profile. Criminals lurk in the general public period you take a stand and hope it's the right thing to do.