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Police arrest man riding through Raleigh with rifle

Posted December 28, 2010

A Raleigh man was in custody Tuesday after police spotted him riding down Sunnybrook Road with a .22 caliber rifle across the handlebars of his bike.

Darius Watkins, 16, initially ran from officers, but he was caught and charged with going armed to the terror of the public. He was being held on $2,000 bond.


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  • jazzyanne Dec 30, 2010

    I was charged for the same thing. A crazy driver behind me for 4 miles made me feel threatened so I moved my pistol to the front seat. The crazy driver call 911 and said I was waving the gun around. The deputy arrested me and let the crazy driver go. Right there is your justice system. Not much of a justice system if you ask me. If that poor boy has no record then we might as well be living under a Nazi regime.

  • Crystal Dec 29, 2010

    "going armed to the terror of the public" now there's a reach as it seems as though there was nothing else to charge him with. There really isn't enough information to reach a conclusion one way or the other and it isn't illeagal to carry a rifle in public as long as it is not concealed.
    Stafford Act of 2007 Sec. 706. Firearms Policies (42 U.S.C. 5207)* (a) Prohibition on Confiscation of Firearms
    people can't even state the state of emergency as a cause otherwise he'd been charged with that as well.
    None of us knows what happened and until we do "innocent until proven guilty"
    I also had rifles when I was 10 going hunting as did a lot of people also this mother plans to get her daughter one as well.

  • frosty Dec 29, 2010

    I guess the police thought they had to do something for the trouble of chasing him down.

  • Bartmeister Dec 29, 2010

    This is soooo stupid and NOT news worthy.

  • bknyny1979 Dec 29, 2010

    16 years old with a rifle? Humph, guess thats how my daughter lost her father recently to a bunch of 16 year olds with guns, but they will be out soon too. Sad world we live in, I am utterly disgusted.

  • junkyard Dec 29, 2010

    Worland, "Tea partiers showing up with assault rifles? You mean that angry white man in AZ that MSNBC was bashing for trying to intimidate the President? Is that the guy?

    The one who turned out to be a black male, in a suit, legally carrying a rifle? The guy who MSNBC photo shopped and called an angry white male, white supremacist, packing a full auto assault rifle?"

    More lies..

    Ever wonder why Worland never responds when he is called out by me or many others? it's because he knows what he is...

  • Slip Kid Dec 29, 2010

    Kid was likely unaware of his rights to carry a long rifle in public. He was also likely wary of police attention. His choice to run was a poor decision. During hunting season, I carry a shotgun on public roads and occaisionally in more public gathering areas. But I'm aware of my rights and would not be alarmed by the approach of an officer. Still, I prefer the cops to approach this guy (or me for that matter) than to let harm come to someone else. Again, running warrants suspicion, so there you go. I don't run from cops because I'm not abusing my rights nor a criminal. I wish more of our youth could say the same.

  • NCAries Dec 29, 2010

    Might have turned out differently if he would not have run from the cops. That does show illegal intent.

    Not really...it shows a 16 year old scared of the police young black male who ran.

  • nogade Dec 29, 2010

    I agree Rocknhorse, running definitely wasn't the smart thing to do. The biggest question is WHY? It's just sad and disgusting to glance at most of the headlines here and all we read about is crime (shootings, robberies, killings, etc.) then you see one story headline that reads (Camp Legeune Marine Killed In Afghanistan), it makes you ask yourself "who's the real hero? Who's fighting for the freedom of this country? Who's not afraid of real combat?

  • farm Dec 29, 2010

    He was peddling arms.....