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Police: Apex brothers found with counterfeit bills

Posted October 5, 2008

— Two Apex brothers face charges after police say they were in possession of counterfeit bills.

Jabril Khwan Walker, 20, and Harvey Lee Walker, 22, were being held Sunday afternoon at the Wake County Jail.

Raleigh police say the two men had counterfeit money – totaling $1,135 – on them when they were arrested Thursday.

The men were also charged with possession of marijuana, police say.


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  • Blueboxinggloves Oct 6, 2008

    Harvey Lee Walker looks like he posed for a class picture rather than a mug shot. Maybe it was the marijuana.

  • ideight Oct 6, 2008

    $1,135 in counterfeit bills??? Somebody bothered to print bogus $5 bills ???

    those people aren't that smart, that surprises you?

  • ccs1920 Oct 6, 2008

    This case will more than likely be turned over to the Feds. If it is, we won't see that big smile again for several years. Some people will do anything to keep from working.

  • G-man Oct 6, 2008

    From the smile on his face I guess money can buy you happiness.

  • circlecity Oct 6, 2008

    He will not get off, this type of indivials never so

  • SouthernLady05 Oct 6, 2008

    Good Job RPD

  • enoughsenough Oct 6, 2008

    The money had Obama's face on it.

  • ContinuityMan Oct 6, 2008

    These pinheads used counterfeit currency to pay for weed? Drop all charges and turn them loose. Now that their supplier has their names and address, the law The Street will settle things. And save taxpayers the cost of their trials.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Oct 6, 2008

    Why do cops even bother to arrest clowns like these? They know that a buffoon Assistant District Attorney will beg the defense attorney to accept a plea so it won't go to trial. Last thing the DA wants is a trial, the perps will walk if they have a halfway competant defense attorney.

    Of course, if the Feds intervene because of the counterfit bills these two have a problem. Uncle Sugar will wink and nod at a lot, but not at people screwing with his money or his mail.

  • TStills Oct 6, 2008

    Rather than a former president, the bill had Dr Dre's face in the middle...