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Police: 16-year-old shot at Hope Mills patrol car

Posted December 2, 2009
Updated December 3, 2009

— Police charged a 16-year-old with shooting at a Hope Mills Police Department cruiser Tuesday.

Aaron M. Smith was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer. He was being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $42,000 secured bond.

Police received a report at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday that a man with a handgun was in the 5800 block of Church Street. When officers arrived at the scene, someone fired shots at the patrol car while the officers were still inside, and one round struck the vehicle, police said.

The officers then returned fire, and the gunman ran into some nearby woods, police said. Hope Mills Middle School was put on lockdown while police from Hope Mills and Fayetteville, Cumberland County deputies and Highway Patrol troopers searched for and apprehended the gunman, police said.


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  • putsomethoughtinit Dec 3, 2009

    I agree with Annie. Without knowing the specifics of his upbringing how can blaming his actions on the parents be justified?! And I have yet to see mention of his parents or his upbringing that justifies either being critiqued.

    HE chose to shoot the gun...HE is responsible.

    Defaulting to blaming the parents is an easy out. People do not want to believe that a young individual is capable of doing irrational, irresponsible, and unspeakable acts because they chose to, regardless of how they were brought up. Maybe it makes them fear their child is capable of doing the same (even with their good upbringing).

  • notagain1903 Dec 3, 2009

    ANNIE I see form your comments that the parents have no responsibility to raise there kids. Now that they did not want to it will be the states responsibility to raise him. Thanks to these deadbeat parents he will be in a downward spiral the rest of his life. He is just starting life and already it is gone. Yes the parents should take 100% of the blame for not raising this child with common sense and most of all RESPECT! I feel sorry for this unwanted child having to grow up in the SYSTEM.

  • The2ruthHurts Dec 2, 2009

    Parents do have some blame to share in any case where their children commit unspeakable acts. Granted teenagers can do and will do whatever they want in and out of the presence of their parents, yet their upbringing and how it was taught to them does play a factor on how they develop into adults. Now you ask, what about those who do not have the luxury of having both parents around? To them I say, oh well, the world is not perfect and you were unfortunate in the hand you were dealt. Morality lies within each being and there is a basic sense of right and wrong. When a person cannot distinguish between the two, then they are a threat to anything we hold dear. If that is the case, then they are at the mercy of those who hold the power to do something about it, be it fair or not.

  • thought Dec 2, 2009

    annie are you one of these parents who let your kids do what ever they want - and never see what they do - and think they can do no wrong- make excuses for everything they do???? this is why kids are the way they are.

  • Duke _Nukem Dec 2, 2009

    $42,000 secured bond? Yes, let him make bond. That way he can be the next to kill a cop before Christmas. Only 23 more shooting days until Christmas. The justice system in American is a joke. We no longer protect the citizens, victims or the people that risk their lives bringing these people to justice.

  • colliedave Dec 2, 2009

    Remember that the brains of adolescents are not yet fully formed and they lack the ability to critically appraise their behavior and contain their impulses, particularly so if they have been raised in a chaotic environment. onoudont

    Typical bullfeathers from a lib..a 16 year old knows full well that shooting at police car is wrong and his actions could take a life. But it is much easier to create a victim than to create someone who will take responsiility for his actions

  • annieaamrm Dec 2, 2009

    OK OK.. So it's the parents fault...maybe we should all not be permitted to have kids anymore... or ... maybe we can pass some law that says kids cannot leave the house unsupervised at any time below 21..no other human contact except some family members..(as long as a stringent security check has been completed on them to ensure they do not negatively impact a 16 year old)..maybe more stringent laws should be in placed for parents with troubled children so that parents can also have some protection (cause we will need it).. Can we lock their rooms at night?... oh and would be parents would need at minimum 2 year chilrearing degree(that long to cover how to raise kids with diff personalities)

    RIDICULOUS to blame parents unless specifics of their childhood is known... Any child reading your comments is thinking... wow... if I mess up... it's my parents fault.... how are WE teaching them responsibility if we are blaming others

  • Suasponte Dec 2, 2009

    As a 16 y/o, he will be tried in big boy court. Juv court is for those under the age of 16. That's something the libs of this state keep trying to change. Somehow they think getting shot by a 16 y/o doesn't hurt as bad as being shot by an 18 y/o.

  • thought Dec 2, 2009

    so - this happened during the day- by a 16 year old - why was he not in school? Were did he get the gun? And yes, parents need to be more watchful of their kids. As stated they do not think so you have to be on their back sides! He needs to step up for his actions, but I still do not understand how this happened. If parents do not show resepct - kids can't learn it on their own.

  • Thought Criminal WS Dec 2, 2009

    Article still reads that he was "SHOOING" at officers.
    Try him as an adult.
    Don't throw the book at him, beat some sense into him with it!
    He's lucky to be alive....