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Plea deal falls apart for Raleigh home invasion suspect

Posted March 17, 2014
Updated March 18, 2014

Shabar Marshall sits in a Wake County courtroom on March 17, 2014, before his trial in connection with two home invasions in December 2012. A judge later declared a mistrial in the case.

— A Wake County prosecutor trying two men in a series of Raleigh home invasions withdrew at the last minute Monday afternoon an offer for one of the defendants.

Jahaad Marshall Wake judge declares mistrial in Oakwood home invasion trial

Shabar Marshall, 17, was in the process of pleading guilty to six charges – including first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, felony larceny and possession of stolen goods – in connection with two Dec. 26, 2012, home invasions when the state learned he wanted to do so under an Alford plea.

In an Alford plea, a defendant pleads guilty while maintaining his innocence but admits it is in his best interest to plea because there is sufficient evidence of guilt.

But Wake County Assistant District Attorney Boz Zellinger said he wasn't willing to offer the deal unless Marshall admitted to the crimes and said he was prepared to take the case to trial.

Marshall already faces up to 154 years in prison after he pleaded guilty March 5 to 15 charges – including kidnapping, robbery, attempted rape and attempted murder – in two other home invasions in the two weeks following the Dec. 26, 2012, cases.

In one of those cases, a man was paralyzed after being shot in the spine. Marshall also sexually assaulted the man's wife.

Monday's plea deal fell apart just hours after a judge declared a mistrial in the joint trial of Marshall and his older brother, Jahaad Tariem Allah Marshall, 27.

Jahaad Marshall was being tried on 23 charges in all four cases while his brother was on trial for the Dec. 26, 2012, charges.

Jury selection begins Tuesday in Jahaad Marshall's case. Shabar Marshall will be tried separately at a date yet to be determined.


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  • Bernadette Dan Unger Mar 18, 2014
    user avatar

    NO MERCY, NO LEINIENCY! These 2 animals need to be caged up for good and forgotten about. Note the remorse on their face.....NOT!

  • Obamacare rises again Mar 18, 2014

    Anyone know who the woman is in the first pic?

  • Get your IDs Mar 18, 2014

    I always like how they are caught red handed or on film when you can plainly see its them and they still deny it and claim their innocence. What is up with that? Why do they think they are so much smarter than everyone else but they never finished school?

  • SFSOLDIER Mar 18, 2014

    These two clean up real nice, but they are still vicious criminals. They do not deserve any mercy. Convict them (they are guilty) and throw them under the jail for the rest of their miserable lives...Thanks to the DA. Prosecute them to the highest degree possible.

  • innocent bystander 3 Mar 18, 2014

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    Lipstick on a pig.

  • Raleigh Rocks 1 Mar 18, 2014

    Good News. This type of crime should never be pled.

  • Brian Jenkins Mar 18, 2014

    Only 154 years? Get caught with a plant and you can get life without parole. Love this country.

  • glarg Mar 18, 2014

    "Marshall already faces up to 154 years in prison after he pleaded guilty March 5 to 15 charges – including kidnapping, robbery, attempted rape and attempted murder"

    And up to 154 but down to what? 20 years? Society doesnt need to see any more of these two so having him back on the street at 37 years old is not a welcome outcome.

    Try him, so some future Bev doesnt let him out early because he technically never admitted his guilt in the burglaries.

  • Janni Cone Mar 18, 2014
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    Kudos to Boz Zelinger for rejecting the Alford plea. That would have been a HUGE slap in the face to the victims here and I APPLAUD him for taking this to trial and getting the punishment they DESERVE. And hopefully some sense of closure for the victims. Thank you, Boz.

  • ncprr1 Mar 18, 2014

    There is a lot of pure evil in the news every day lately, between these two and Richardson, who is on trial over in Smithfield. All apparently guilty of crimes that would turn a normal person's stomach. I just don't understand how anyone could defend any of these guys. I know it's "their job", but there isn't enough money in the world to get me to do it. Where do they find these people?