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Plan would raise starting salary for N.C. probation officers

Posted March 4, 2009
Updated March 5, 2009

— North Carolina lawmakers will consider a new pay structure for probation officers, as well as a new category of probation officers who would be able to handle a variety of cases.

That certification could net a higher starting salary, around $35,000 a year for most probation officers, according to a plan that probation officials presented Wednesday to the Justice and Public Safety Appropriations Committee.

Currently, some community-level officers manage as many as 100 cases each while specialized officers, such as those who handle sex offenders, have far fewer – an average of 20 to 30.

The plan has been approved by the state Personnel Commission but is not yet funded. It's unclear how much the Legislature is able to fund from this year's budget.


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  • harrisonk Mar 5, 2009

    "community level officers supervise up to 100.." HAHA!!! Try again. Community level officers are supposed to have a MINIMUM of 110. Many have WAY more. Plus have to do all the court intake.

  • gotitmadecij Mar 5, 2009

    freddi has nuttin to do with deserve , has to do with the shp not wantin any state agency to get ahead with out the shp gettin further ahead. ps: also dont be so sure what I can or cant do, You dont know me

  • freddie cadetti 72 Mar 5, 2009

    gotitmadecij: Troopers deserve every dime they get. You couldn't even make through one day of the basic school, much less the job itself.

    Hire qualified probation officers. Do not fill positions just to get a "mix".

  • ccacrabbitdog Mar 5, 2009

    let see, if they would stop funding alot of the junk that they do....all state employee's could get a raise. as afar as the last two comments....the system is broke from the top down....probation officers and troopers have hard and dangerous jobs....its the admin. people mess it up..most of the peons do the best they can with what they got to work with...

  • Just the facts mam Mar 5, 2009

    Good idea!

  • furburg Mar 5, 2009

    They cant even do their jobs right why give them more money

  • gotitmadecij Mar 5, 2009

    Probation Officers had better hope the Highway Patrol doesnt find out they want a raise , HP will fight them tooth and nail for it