Pittman fires off gun bill

Posted March 6, 2013
Updated March 8, 2013

— Earlier this year, Rep. Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus, outlined a state constitutional amendment he planned to file that would restrict what limits the state could place in gun ownership.

Titled "The Gun Rights Amendment," House Bill 246 makes good on that promise.

The constitutional amendment language says that person with a valid concealed handgun permit can be prohibited from carrying it only in seven specific circumstances. It would also add language reading, "In accordance with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and this Section, the State shall never engage in a general confiscation of the weapons of its citizens and shall never cooperate in the effort of any other entity to do so."

Along with the amendment, the bill contains several changes to state statute that would allow those with concealed handgun permits to carry firearms at parades and in establishments where alcohol is sold and consumed.


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  • Hip-Shot Mar 7, 2013

    I agree for the most part regarding simplifying and clarifying CCP standards. I have a CCP and the rules regarding carry and prohibited situations could use cleaning up. I don't see a problem regarding restaurants where alcohol is served: I am not legally allowed to carry anyway if I have any alcohol in my system.

  • atheistswillrule Mar 7, 2013

    They need to confiscate every private weapon and then give mental health services to the citizens who were stupid enough to think that owning a gun is a smart choice.

  • admyank Mar 7, 2013

    I support this.

  • remer54 Mar 7, 2013

    Its not their backbone its their greed

  • tracmister Mar 6, 2013

    Really, I like the idea but allowing concealed weapons where alcohol is sold and consumed. Welcome to the wild west!!!

  • wlfpkmann Mar 6, 2013

    Wish our other representatives would stand up like this man!!!!! You are a true great American

  • miseem Mar 6, 2013

    I'd be prouder if they could get to work on some meaningful legislation to reduce the unemployment and pick up the economy in NC instead of spending their time on feel good motions.

  • wildpig777 Mar 6, 2013

    we need more courageous nc politcans like this man-- politicans with a backbone like him that aint afraid to take a stand, i swear i think 99.99% of nc politicans have backbones made of jello.

  • chuck1947 Mar 6, 2013

    The people should be proud to have such a person representing them. Wilson county has such a person in Senator Buck Newton who is also moving to protect the rights of gun owners by submiting a law to prevent what happened in New York; publishing the names of gun owners. This is being challanged by the "public right to know". But the publication was done for the sole purpose trying to incite public outrage over the guns in ones neigborhood, with not one iota of regard for the danger to telling where the guns are, where they are not and who has a gun for protection from stalkers and angery ex-husbands and boy friends. The protections of the constitution are not as strong as once believed. This very day a filibuster is going on because an Obama nominee has advocated the presidential right to kill americans with drones, no trial, warrant or any hint of due process. We need this man and others like him because the federal constitution a weaker by the day and there 46 months left.