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Pitt woman accused of faking pregnancies, scamming couples

Posted August 14, 2013

— A Pitt County woman has been arrested on charges that she bilked at least two couples seeking to adopt a child by pretending to be pregnant, authorities said Monday.

Heather Taylor was charged with 10 counts of obtaining property by false pretense.

Investigators said Taylor targeted couples who had posted classified ads on the Craigslist website looking to adopt children, including one couple in Wilkes County and a second in Illinois. She would claim to be pregnant and seeking a home for her child, investigators said, and she would then ask the couples for money to pay for medical, housing and legal expenses, which authorities said were nonexistent.

The couples gave her more than $1,500 from late January to late March and were brokenhearted to learn that there was no child up for adoption and they had been scammed, authorities said.


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  • grandmadof8 Aug 23, 2013

    I personally know one of the couples involved in this scam. They have an attorney! They have been trying to adopt for years and have been both routes of private and through an agency, so no they were not trying to "buy a baby". They just desperately wanted to be loving parents to a baby who needed a family. Thanks to many prayers from a lot of people their dream has finally come true!

  • lwt Aug 15, 2013

    I have a friend doing private adoption versus using an agency because it can be faster and a lot loss expensive. They advertise on all sorts of websites including Craigs List. Normally in the first few conversations with a possible Birth Mom she mentions her lawyer and paperwork and that weeds out the frauds pretty quickly. Glad this lady got caught!

  • STRAWBERRY LETTER 23 Aug 14, 2013

    GROSS!!! You couldn't pay me $10,000,000.00 to fake being preggo! This woman is disgusting! Not to mention, a sorry human being!

  • carrboroyouth Aug 14, 2013

    Did it occur to people that maybe the couples could not afford adoption agencies? Obviously they were desperate for a private adoption.

  • sunshine1040 Aug 14, 2013

    Having never gone through adoption I do not know what it involved but please I do know your do not take the word of anyone your talk to the Doctor and also to lawyers. I do know it is and should be against the law to sell a baby

  • carrboroyouth Aug 14, 2013

    So sad for the couples who likely got their hopes up of having a child.

  • bombayrunner Aug 14, 2013

    there is a sucker born everyday.

  • heard-it-all-before Aug 14, 2013

    "You're posting on craiglist for a baby? Are you serious?"

    lol you stole the words from me.

    craigslist is for yard sales not newborns

  • Wacky_dood Aug 14, 2013

    The thought of paying someone else to have my kids is bizarre.

    I think if my wife or I were infertile, we'd just not have kids and go find something else to do with our time.

  • angela32nc2 Aug 14, 2013

    You're posting on craiglist for a baby? Are you serious? There are so many reputable adoption agencies out there and you post on craigslist? This alone set the couples up for this crime. I believe both couples put way too much faith in craigslist. It is difficult to adopt but it CAN be done.