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Pitt County sheriff: Father kills toddler, shoots self

Posted July 14, 2012
Updated July 15, 2012

— A Pitt County man fatally shot his 3-year-old son and then turned the gun on himself Friday night, according to the sheriff's office.

Authorities said Carey "C.J." Adams Jr., 34, talked on the phone with his estranged wife shortly before 10 p.m. She called 911, but by the time authorities arrived at Adams' home on Wiley Gaskins Road in Grifton, south of Greenville, they found he had shot his son, Jesse, and then shot himself, authorities said.

He and the child were taken to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, where Jesse died. Adams died Sunday afternoon.

Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks said even his deputies were having trouble dealing with the events.

"It's just very sad what we've had to witness," he said. "Several of our officers are very emotionally upset. I had to send two of them home tonight from what they saw."

Neighbors told WNCT News that Adams appeared to be a good dad, who often played with his son in the front yard. Pitt County Sheriff Neil Elks Toddler killed by father, Pitt County sheriff says

Elks, though, said that Adams was motivated by an ongoing domestic conflict with his son's mother. The couple had been separated for four months, and she had taken a restraining order against him in the past, the sheriff said.

Adams' previous convictions include assault with a deadly weapon, communicating threats, felony breaking and entering and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to state Division of Adult Correction records. He served probation for the six convictions dating from 2006.


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  • BEACH Jul 24, 2012


  • Zoey0815 Jul 17, 2012

    "Sounds like a wonderful person to CHOOSE to have a baby with."

    "I agree that the woman should have known what she was getting herself into when she started sleeping with the guy - "

    Way to go. Blame the woman. Even though you have no idea what kind of visitation was set up or anything about the situation, you still blame her. SHE didn't shoot the child, HE did. He is the one to blame.

  • ladyblue Jul 17, 2012

    this is so sad. This is just so sad.. The young women and men of today need to think harder about the character of the person they choose to father or mother their children BEFORE bringing them into the world ..May the families involved find some comfort in this ordeal.

  • oleguy Jul 16, 2012

    Out there read this,,, Take yourself out and leave the rest to grieve for you, rule number one, dont take a child

  • not my real name Jul 16, 2012

    He couldn't just do himself and leave the child alone? OMG how horrible for the mother.

  • leecountymama Jul 16, 2012

    Praying so hard for this broken hearted Mother.

  • piene2 Jul 16, 2012

    "I cannot fathom how these - Insert Your Word Of Choice - can kill their own babies, just to get back at their ex. I love my kids so much, I would die for them. No, if, ands or but's!!!!

    Well you know how it is, a domestic dispute, a bad temper and a gun laying around. Just put the three together.

  • itsmyownopinion Jul 16, 2012

    I cannot fathom how these - Insert Your Word Of Choice - can kill their own babies, just to get back at their ex. I love my kids so much, I would die for them. No, if, ands or but's!!!!


    It's not a problem for these malignant narcissistic sociopaths.
    They're doing it all over the country. It makes me ill to think about.


  • n ter tained Jul 16, 2012


  • JAT Jul 16, 2012

    Yep, the father has died. At least he'll have to pay for his sins a bit earlier than prison would have allowed.