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Pitt County man shot over card game

Posted December 1, 2011

— Authorities say a Pitt County man shot another man over an argument during a card game early Sunday.

James Edwin Brown Jr., 38, became upset while hosting a card game at his home at 3149 Clemmons School Road in Stokes, said Christy Wallace, a spokeswoman for the Pitt County Sheriff's Office.

She said that around 4 a.m., he pulled out a handgun and shot Larry Earl Roberson, 57, in the shoulder. Brown also "randomly" shot at four other people inside and outside his home but didn't injure them, Wallace said.

Roberson was taken to Pitt County Memorial Hospital, and authorities said his injuries are non-life-threatening. Brown was treated at the hospital for facial injuries.

Brown was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, shooting into an occupied vehicle and possession of a weapon by a felon. He was placed in the Pitt County Detention Center under a $2.3 million secured bond.

Brown was on probation after being convicted of maintaining a dwelling place for controlled substances in May 2010, according to state Department of Correction records.

He also served five years in prison for attempted armed robbery in the 1990s, has two convictions for assault on a female and, in recent years, had numerous driving while impaired and other driving violations.


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  • Hammerhead Dec 2, 2011

    Moogies, yes, and a lot of them have guns, legal or not.

  • moogies Dec 1, 2011

    I think this is at least the 3rd or 4th story about someone getting shot either over an argument, family violence, or just because someone had a gun and got mad and felt they had to act manly and use it on someone. What is our society coming to now? This sounds more and more like the wild west than an educated civilized community. Do we really have that many ignorant people living amongst us?

  • IBnormal Dec 1, 2011

    "A Smith and Wesson beats four aces" Canada Bill Jones.

  • wildcat Dec 1, 2011

    All of this over a card game????

    I know of a man who was killed over a cigerette lighter.

  • Hatchcover Dec 1, 2011

    And they were just playing bridge!

  • Lead by Example Dec 1, 2011

    Guess he believed that he was in the Wild, Wild West.

  • Hammerhead Dec 1, 2011

    "Someone who doesn't obey the law commits a crime."

    Chicken, egg.

  • Decorated War Veteran Dec 1, 2011

    I don't gamble because it is immoral, but if I did I would bring at least two weapons to the table to ensure my safety.

  • carelesswhisper Dec 1, 2011

    All of this over a card game????

  • r u crazy too Dec 1, 2011

    Five stories concerning guns on WRAL right now. Two dead. Looks to me like too many citizens got guns who are not very law abiding.