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Pinehurst Annexes Gated Community

Posted June 15, 2007

— The Village Council voted unanimously Friday to annex the Pinewild community.

Pinewild, a gated golf course community developed in the 1980s, fought the annexation for months. Many of the residents said they believe Pinehurst just wants the tax revenue they would generate.

But Village of Pinehurst Manager Andy Wilkinson said the annexation would improve police and fire protection in Pinewild and would extend other municipal services.

Pinehurst also is considering annexing Jackson Hamlet, an older, primarily African-American community. But Wilkinson said the community isn't developed enough under state law to allow annexation right now.


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  • luv2surffish Jun 16, 2007

    grew up in that area and pinehurst always thought they were above everyone else... shame golf course is there and not aberdeen or southern pines..

  • thewayitis Jun 16, 2007

    Cities shouldn't be allowed to annex areas that don't want to be annexed. Why it is allowed, I'll never understand.

    We, too, were annexed, by the lovely city of Durham -- our taxes doubled, the only new service we got was trash pickup, and now they even want to take our fire station away, and replace our fire service with a station miles away, while our local firestation provides service to other areas even further away. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Once the city annexed our area, it started to go downhill fast, so now we have no choice but to move. That's Durham for ya...

    I feel sorry for any area that is annexed against their will. It seems so downright un-American. Oh, that's right, today being American means being a bully.

  • skidkid269 Jun 15, 2007

    We are about to be annexed by the city of Raleigh in July. We got the same song and dance about improved police and fire protection, along with other services. I already have the Sheriff's Department patrolling my neighborhood. We have water and sewer, though we have to pay $300 to hook our sewer system to Raleigh's. I get trash pickup, so I no longer have to drive the 1 mile to the recycling center. I have a fire department a half mile from the house, so I don't need help there. All for a small fee of doubling my property taxes. I'm glad Raleigh is looking out for me! Unfortunately, I just have to accept it. Later down the road, if Raleigh feels my house is in the way of a larger development, they'll take it too.

  • lovetheheels Jun 15, 2007

    The other possibility would be to get a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to help with the infrastructure expense and rehab the area if it is in decline. The county government could help make that happen and then with the improvements, the cost could be partially borne by the grant, then the annexation would take care of maintenance issues...just a thought. The CDBG grants are administered through the Council of Governments that county belongs to.

  • erggggg Jun 15, 2007

    JH is def. more dense than pinewild, where people live on multiple acres.

  • erggggg Jun 15, 2007

    jackson-hamlet is a place where people's sewage leaks onto their front yards. its not up to any "urban" standard but is in desperate need of the resources being annexed into pinehurst could provide.

    thanks for posting the annexation regulations, i was wondering what they were.

  • lovetheheels Jun 15, 2007

    There most definitely are state mandated density and population criteria that must be present before annexation could be approved and it has nothing to do with race. The area in question may have vacant lots or properties and when the assessments are charged to the residents for the installation of water and sewer lines, you want to have as much density as possible to keep the cost down for everyone. You also must have a minimum number of water customers to prevent the build up of trihalomethanes in the pipes when chlorinated water stays in the pipes too long. This could require having to "dump" water through the hydrants to flush the lines, as many of you have seen. Take it from a former city council member...you have to have all of the equation for the annexation to make sense - for the municipality AND its residents and believe me - if they can annex an area, they will.

  • Michael Kenyon Jun 15, 2007

    "But Village of Pinehurst Manager Andy Wilkinson said the annexation would improve police and fire protection in Pinewild"

    So nice of them to be concerned about the safety of an area they're not getting tax revenue from.

  • Amusedone Jun 15, 2007

    Dude, if I lived in Jackson Hamlent, and it means not getting annexed, I would welcome the "racism".

    The law states that cities and towns can expand their boundaries through city-initiated annexations when an area is developed to urban standards as defined by state statutes, the municipality meets other requirements specified in the law, and it can show that it will be able to provide municipal services to the proposed areas.

    If Jackson Hamlett does not meet "urban standards", then they can not be forced to be annexed.

  • 2alegal Jun 15, 2007

    you know not "racist" in Pinehurst, the capital of golf.....LOL!!!