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Pigs run amok on I-40

Posted March 30, 2011
Updated April 2, 2011

— Any slowdowns caused by the gloomy weather Wednesday morning were compounded when five pigs fell out of a truck and got loose on Interstate 40 in Durham County.

Drivers reported seeing the pigs running around in the travel lanes near the junction with Interstate 540.

Police said the pigs didn't cause any wrecks but did prompt plenty of onlooker delays on both sides of the interstate.

"They may have fallen out of the back of a truck, and the owner doesn't know it," said  Lt. Melinda Hester, with Durham County Animal Control. Pigs loose on I-40 Pigs loose on I-40

Police rounded up the pigs, the biggest of which weighed about 60 pounds, and wrangled them into squad cars. Animal control officers brought a trailer and took the pigs to the Durham Animal Control Shelter.

Some of the pigs had minor injuries, including road rash and sore legs, that are consistent with falling from a vehicle, Hester said. They'll be checked out by a county or state veterinarian.

"The five pigs that we have ... are all doing OK," Hester said.

The pigs will be kept for 45 to 60 days, and if no one claims them, they'll be auctioned off.


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  • ThinkingPerson Mar 30, 2011

    Watch out, this is the start of Animal Farm!

  • grasshopperrtp2 Mar 30, 2011

    Pig Pickin cancelled due to Rain and escape.

  • bombayrunner Mar 30, 2011

    tell me again, you were late to work why? pigs? yea right.

  • NoWayyyyy Mar 30, 2011

    I wonder if they can be trained like that pot bellied pig type? If so, I will take one for the back yard....and if not, we have pork chops, bacon, and hammmmm....LOL :) shhhhh I'll never tell :)

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 30, 2011

    "This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy played in traffic and lived to tell about it."

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 30, 2011

    Sheds a whole new light on the phrase "bringing home the bacon", huh?

  • SisterChristian Mar 30, 2011

    Let these babies get to a sanctuary and live the rest of their lives out in peace. Only speaking for myself, when I used to take that commute to work I would get so upset when these trucks would pass by crammed with baby pigs that could hardly breathe and move. Poor babies! They were running for their lives and did not want to be slaughtered or crammed in one of those stalls. See "Mercy for Animals" on what a lot do to these innocent creatures. It surely turned me into a vegetarian. Not all treat their farm animals badly but a lot do. Also check out Conklin Farm abuse. LET THESE BABIES LIVE IN A PIG SANCTUARY.

  • josepharnold Mar 30, 2011

    There is a 18-wheeler that drives Westbound in the am on 40 and eastbound in the pm on 40 - would not doubt it fell of that truck. Would love to stop the truck, and force the driver to let the pigs run free like they should be......but, silly law prevents me from doing that! (that was a joke, wral).

  • busyb97 Mar 30, 2011

    Did anyone actually SEE them fall out of a truck? Or just see them on I-40? Could they have come from somewhere else?? That would be hard to miss on the interstate if you were a driver behind the truck- and I think if I saw it, I'd try to signal the driver (horn/lights- come along side, etc).

    Too funny though. Glad no one was hurt in the process.

  • kpwoodlief Mar 30, 2011

    did the person not realize that he was missing five pigs when he got to where he was going, or where the dropped off because someone couldn't care for them anymore.