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Pier remains closed due to government shutdown, eight laid off

Posted October 9, 2013

— The entire country continues to feel the pinch of the government shutdown. As days go by, North Carolinians are starting to see more and more how the budget deadlock is impacting them. 

At Avon Pier on the Outer Banks, which is usually a popular spot for visitors, the shutdown is affecting pier operator Keith Matthews’ business.

In the height of fall fishing season, it is not uncommon for hurricanes to shut the pier down for a few days, but a political blow-up is an odd twist.

 Pier remains closed due to government shutdown.

“As far as business, none, nothing, dead, nonexistent,” Matthews said.

The pier is privately owned and reaches 600 feet into the ocean. The entrance is in a private parking lot. However, the pier house sits on Cape Hatteras National Seashore property, which is closed to visitors.

The park service told Matthews to close the pier, he said, and he has no idea when he will be able to open for business again. Matthews said that he’s been threatened with fines if he tries to reopen.

“We have eight employees, and they’re not working,” Matthews said. “They’re laid off and I’ve told them to apply for unemployment.”

There are rough seas ahead if the pier can’t reopen soon, he added.

“I’m mad with the whole political group, that they can’t get together and negotiate something and get the government back open,” Matthews said.


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  • bill15 Oct 11, 2013

    "Um, BeHereNow, you clearly have not been watching the news or you would know this is as much Barack's doings as it is congress. And all those that want to blame the Tea party when they are the least represented in congress."

    Completely untrue. This is a civil war within the Republican Party. The Tea Party radicals are holding the rest of their party hostage. If the majority was allowed to vote on clean CR, it would pass. There's a reason Republicans are polling at the lowest levels ever - this is their fault and people are just smart enough to realize that.

  • thinkin out loud Oct 10, 2013

    Um, BeHereNow, you clearly have not been watching the news or you would know this is as much Barack's doings as it is congress. And all those that want to blame the Tea party when they are the least represented in congress.

  • BeHereNow Oct 10, 2013

    I love how people want to blame the President for Congress not doing its job. Did you guys take civics?

    The Tea Partiers want to destroy the government. That's the only thing they really stand for.

  • Titus Pullo Oct 10, 2013

    And while I'm thinking about this government spending -- teach your children Chinese. They will need it in the furure to speak to their masters.

  • cwinslow Oct 10, 2013

    Amen and Halleluia to dwr1964, I couldn't have said it better. The really sad part is that we keep sending these pseudo-politicians to Washington to represent the Money, not the people. The Country has never been so blind to what is really happening to the working class. We broke away from England for less Monarchy.

  • cwinslow Oct 10, 2013

    This owner/operator should do exactly what the owner of the Pisga Inn did. Reopen and tell the Park Service to Kiss off. Closing the parks is just another attempt to make the American people, the owners of these parks by the way, get mad at the Republicans for not rolling over to the President. There is no good reason why the National Parks can't be open for the public to use. No concessions or restrooms, so what. If the Politicians and the American public would open their eyes, they should all be able to see that you can't keep spending more than you make. No different than the average person who has any sense of dignaty and pride. I was raised to pay my debts and if there was anything left over, tehn I could play. Today everyone has a hand out for a free ride, you can go buy and buy, then declare bankruptsy and keep what isn't rightfully yours and the law will back you up. Laws can be a good thing, but not all laws are and one that says borrow more money to pay the national debt is n

  • censorbait Oct 10, 2013

    No reason to close pier. It has zero impact on national park and this administration knows it. They have been instructed to inflict all the pain possible on the public for political effect. Noticed that they allowed an illegal immigrant demonstration on the National Mall a day or so back but no fishing from a pier where no ones feet touches the sand or WW2 vets visiting their memorial. Allow one but not the others...anyone see a slight problem here with selective enforcement. Liberals would see no problem because they have no sense.

  • dwr1964 Oct 10, 2013

    These people in Washington do not give a rat's behind, about what they are doing to the people of this country. Obama is trying to become the new czar of America, the house and senate members are doing what they can to assist him and none of you people even have a clue. There are 23, some new and some just increases, in taxes, hidden in Obamacare. And who the whole Obamacare system's belong to? That's right....the IRS. Yes, the IRS will govern Obamacare. Well not "will". They already do. Furthermore, the people of this country will next, vote Hillary into office, to continue the plan. The worst part of this is that you people are taking this all with a smile on your faces.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 10, 2013

    @whatelseisnew, you didn't watch Boehner's video. If you had, you'd hear Boehner confess that he broke his July deal with Reid and then he and his Republicans shutdown our gov't.

    You certainly wouldn't be here blaming Dems. (ahem)...well, you might, but you'd look foolish.

    If you don't line Stewart's humor, Boehner's confession to Stephanopoulos about breaking his deal with Reid and shutting down the gov't starts at 1:20 in the vid.


  • Pilot-42 Oct 10, 2013

    Time to send lay-off notices to Congress.