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Pharmacy tech charged with stealing drugs

Posted August 14, 2009

— Chatham County sheriff's deputies arrested a pharmacy technician Wednesday on charges that she stole drugs for her boyfriend and trafficked in heroin.

Deputies arrested Lee Aaron Matthews, 28, of 1603 Cotton Road in Sanford, last Friday. A passerby reported that he was slumped over the wheel of a red passenger vehicle in the parking lot of Jordan Dam Mini Mart in Moncure, investigators said.

Deputies found 22 doses of hydrocodone and 39 doses of codeine in Matthews' car.

Investigators determined that Matthews got the drugs from his girlfriend, Laura Griffin, 29, of 1603 Cotton Road in Sanford. Evidence indicates Griffin stole the drugs from Moncure-Haywood Health Center, where she works as a pharmacy technician, investigators said.

Griffin was charged with two counts of felony trafficking opium, felony embezzlement by an employee and drug possession.

She has been released under a $10,000 unsecured bond. Her next court appearance was set for Sept. 14.


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  • lisaziblay Aug 14, 2009

    What is up with people & prescription drugs these days? It is everywhere...All I can say is God help them!!!!

  • itsnews2me Aug 14, 2009

    Wow. Lots of opinions about how worthless the guy is and how she was duped for the scant information given. How do we know that the guy wasn't an upstanding citizen with a good job who called his mother every day, coached little league baseball, and volunteered at the animal shelter twice a month before he fell in with her. Perhaps she was jealous of his social success and decided she wanted him all to herself to fill her selfish desires, so she starts stealing drugs from her employer and plying him with her feminine wiles to use them recreationally at first ("just a little fun" she says), and then as a necessity to feed his ever-increasing addiction while she controls and manipulates him for her own amusement. In the meantime, he falls from grace over the attention of this evil, evil wench.

    Poor guy. Probably never saw it coming.

  • ashleyspivey1986 Aug 14, 2009

    sucks for her and im sure the guy wasnt worth it nobody is worth losing a great job over nowadays

  • Eastern N.C. Native Aug 14, 2009

    Wow, this was a dumb move on her part. She should have known that narcotics are highly monitored. When they get missing and found with her boyfriend, I'm sure she knew she was done for. Why couldn't she have just taken pens from the office...

    Bad move, hope the guy was worth it.

  • jrfergerson Aug 14, 2009

    When will these girls learn "an't no man worth doing time for"
    If he is a dipstick asking you to do things you know are wrong - send him on his way - you can do better!

  • colliedave Aug 14, 2009

    Sigh, another woman doing stupid things due to wrong choices in a guy. I frequently see women such as her in my church's ministry to NCCIW.

  • mewuvbb Aug 14, 2009

    How can people be so stupid to have a decent job such as she had and a possibly promising future to do what she done for her boyfriend (who possibly doesn't work because if he did she would have not been supplying drugs to her boyfriend to sell, you can tell that the girl appears to have no self esteem by doing so stupid of messing her life up as far as a great career) I hope that her parents has the ways and means to help her get out of this mess (what was she thinking) I also wonder how long she was doing this and know one lost or kept up with the inventory which I believe the Moncure Center is governed by the state, for ones who can not afford a better medical care. I hope that an investigation happens into finding out if this is the first time medication was missing and no one reported it.

  • momeeee Aug 14, 2009

    Don't mix work w/ pleasure.