PF Chang's says Durham, Charlotte stores may be affected by data breach

Posted August 4, 2014

— P.F. Chang's is providing more details on its ongoing investigation into a security breach, saying data may have been stolen from certain credit and debit cards used at 33 P.F. Chang's China Bistro restaurants in the U.S.

P.F. Chang's confirmed in June that data from credit and debit cards used at its restaurants was stolen, but didn't specify the locations at that time. On Monday the company provided a list of locations. These include P.F. Chang's restaurants in Durham and Charlotte; Baltimore; St. Louis; Pittsburgh; and Austin, Texas.

A list of all 33 locations, as well as the dates that cards may have been compromised, can be found at The company said that potentially stolen data includes the card number and may also include the cardholder's name and/or the card's expiration date in some instances.

P.F. Chang's said that it's continuously working to understand the nature and scope of the incident. It says the security compromise has been contained and that it has been processing credit and debit card data securely since June 11.

A hotline has been set up for customers with questions. They may call 1-877-412-7152 Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time.

The restaurant operator noted that as the investigation continues it may identify other locations where data may have been compromised or other date ranges.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, owns its namesake restaurants and Pei Wei Asian Diners. The company was taken private in 2012 by Centerbridge partners LP for about $1.1 billion.

Data breaches have occurred at other major U.S. corporations recently, including Target Corp., Neiman Marcus, Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. and Michaels Stores Inc.




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  • Brian Jenkins Aug 6, 2014

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    That was an EXCHANGE. If a bank gets robbed is the dollar hacked? An EXCHANGE has not one thing to do with the Bitcoin protocol. Turn off the media. Turn on your brain. If you keep your Bitcoins on an EXCHNAGE you defeat the entire purpose of Bitcoin. LOL

  • iopsyc Aug 5, 2014

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    Mt. Gox comes to mind. A small risk related to the exchange, but a risk nonetheless.

  • 68_dodge_polara Aug 5, 2014

    Very keenly chosen data points there but being that's it's an imaginary currency one can just make it up the value anyway.

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 4, 2014

    Your paper money is imaginary. Its all numbers on a computer, centrally controlled. Some of my bitcoins are on a paper wallet in my safe at home. Is paper worth more with Presidents faces on it? You sound like the media in 1995 about the internet and how we would never shop online or it would be no more useful than a fax machine. What does the price have to do with the Bitcoin protocol or blockchain technology? Services such as Coinbase take the volatility out of it for the weak.

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 4, 2014

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    Bitcoin value:

    July 2009: .01
    July 2010: .10
    July 2011: $1
    July 2012: $10
    July 2013: $90
    July 2014: $600

    The dollar has lost 98% of its value since its creation in 1913. It can be stolen from you, counterfeited, and printed to crumbs. Good luck with that.

  • 68_dodge_polara Aug 4, 2014

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    Agreed, I never fill them out with actual information. I've only been ask for id at Harris Teeter when filling out a form. So I didn't get a Harris Teeter card and so I don't shop there.

  • 68_dodge_polara Aug 4, 2014

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    What is the risk using Bitcoin?

    They're imaginary and there for value of Bitcoins isn't stable. Of coarse now after years of Quantitative easing neither is the dollar very stable.

  • iopsyc Aug 4, 2014

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    Store loyalty cards are notoriously bad for that.

    You want creepy? Remember that Target pregnancy prediction form a couple years ago? That was super creepy.

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 4, 2014

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    What is the risk using Bitcoin? If you steal my phone or digital wallet you dont have the private key to spend it. You cant steal my identity using Bitcoin. The fees are much less than a credit card. Merchants dont have to worry about chargebacks. And you dont need a bank account like 1 in 9 in the USA dont have.

  • Brian Jenkins Aug 4, 2014

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    I buy gift cards through Gyft using Bitcoin.