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Person County teacher accused of indecent liberties

Posted November 10, 2011
Updated November 12, 2011

— A teacher at Person Senior High School is facing a felony charge of taking indecent liberties with a student, police said Thursday. 

Megan Trainor, 24, of 321 Floyd Hicks Road in Timberlake, also faces a misdemeanor charge of preparing obscene photographs, slides or motion pictures.

Warrants for her arrest were issued Thursday, and she remained at large Friday. 

Trainor, a ninth grade math teacher, has been placed on paid suspension, Person County Schools Superintendent Larry Cartner said Friday. She has been with the school system for three years. 

The Person County Board of Education contacted authorities about a possible incident between a teacher and a student on Wednesday. The charges are a result of that investigation.

Authorities said the male student was 16-years-old or older and was at one time enrolled at Person Senior High. It was unclear if he was still a student there.


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  • SouthernGirlJD Nov 15, 2011

    I agree with seven74215! At 16 the boy knew what he was doing and you know he thought he was a big man for bagging a teacher! But with that being said, she did cross a line that shouldnt have been crossed and she should have to register as a sex offender and her teaching license should be taken away..but I do not think she needs to be in jail so like seven74215 said we would have to waste our tax monies on her, when they're are far worse criminals on the streets right now due to over population, I would rather "waste" my tax money on a murderer or CHILD killer/molester ect... not a women who had indecent liberties with a 16 year old...

  • slantedeyes Nov 14, 2011

    Omg, are you serious their is a code of ethics you are to live by and for a grown woman, to engage in that type of behavior is appauling and the fact that she is a teacher, certain lines just should not be crossed, and of course the boy probably is a willing participant but what would be the outcome if the roles were reverse and this was a female 16 year old and a male teacher, commont with the double standards and paid suspension, oh please!!

  • seven74215 Nov 14, 2011

    IF TRUE, then yes the school should fire her but bringing up criminal charges and putting her in jail for us to have to spend our tax dollars on feeding and housing her? Unless the boy was mentally challenged, then at age 16 I seriously doubt he was forced into having sex with her. If he was, then ban her from ever teaching again and make her register as a sex offender for the next 10 years in every place she lives, and not to have contact with this boy again. Don't waste my tax dollars on this. We have way more important crimes being committed and real severe criminals out there who can truly hurt our children that we need to be concerned with being taken off the street and put behind bars. Spend my money on working to keep the real dredge of society behind bars.

  • Rebelyell55 Nov 11, 2011

    Still, no pic??
    The LEO and county DA has them.... still... watching ....

  • TheBullCity Nov 11, 2011

    @kennywalters: You are mistaken. The age difference rules only apply for people under the age of consent, which is 16 in NC.

  • kennywalters Nov 11, 2011


    If I'm not mistaken, the age of consent is 16 unless there is more than a 3 year age difference in which case the younger person has to be 18.

  • TheBullCity Nov 11, 2011

    I think this is going to far. This is only a crime because she is a teacher. The student was over the age of consent. While it is unethical, and she should certainly be fired, criminalizing this is madness.

  • jblake1932 Nov 11, 2011

    Still, no pic??

  • Timberlake NC Nov 11, 2011

    I choose not to comment on the situation at hand. I have never written anything on this site before and may never again but I could not sit here without putting my thoughts here about Person County Schools. I wouldn't have my kids anywhere else. Charter school was an option that we did not choose, we never even applied for it nor did we want to. My son is in 6th grade at Southern Middle School and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it. The staff, teachers, and administration have been nothing but awesome! My kids will continue on to Person High as well where I know great teachers, staff, and administration are as well.

  • airbornemonty Nov 11, 2011

    In my school days all of my teachers were either old, fat or ugly which didn't leave much to the imagination.

    Today it seems that the teachers are younger and prettier and if I as a young male student was the fortunate recipient of my young pretty teacher, I would keep my trap shut forever. Of course as an old guy I'm just reminiscing....