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Person County couple dead in murder-suicide

Posted December 8, 2010
Updated December 9, 2010

— The Person County Sheriff's Office was investigating a murder-suicide Wednesday involving a husband and wife.

Evonne Coleman, 56, called authorities at 2:22 p.m. to say that her husband, William Coleman Sr., 55, had assaulted her at their home at 9276 Dirgie Mine Road in Roxboro, according to Sheriff Dewey Jones.

The woman said her husband did not have any weapons, and the dispatcher was unable to get any more information from her.

Once deputies got to the scene, they found Evonne Coleman dead on the porch, Jones said. Her husband was sitting in a chair on the porch with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He had a .45-caliber gun in his hand and was unconscious but still breathing, Jones said.

William Coleman Sr. was flown to Duke University Hospital, where he died, according to Jones.


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  • shortcake53 Dec 9, 2010

    cottonkandi, focus on the good comments and the sympathy extended to you and your family. Ignore the others. Unfortunately they post no matter what the topic may be. God bless you now and always..........

  • tarheelblue919 Dec 9, 2010

    this is horrible anytime of year, but even worse and harder with the holidays....i just pray God comforts this family and gives them the strength, love, and comfort to come out on the other side of this still as a family unit. Emotions are running high...i dont know what else to say other than i will be praying for them.

  • smileyfacejan Dec 9, 2010

    I feel terrible for the whole family. My prayers are with all of you. Bit was a terrific woman and both will be missed by many. Our hearts are filled with sadness of this news.

  • dlk13ster Dec 9, 2010


    That's the dark side of free speech, I'm afraid coupled with the false courage and vanity supplied by anonymity.

    My best advice? Stop reading this form. RIGHT NOW, if you haven't already. Nothing can be gained for you, or your family, aside from a great deal of unnecessary anger and frustration.

    Sorry for your loss. May God grant them in the next life the peace and understanding denied to them in this one.

  • cottonkandi5152 Dec 9, 2010

    I wish people would respect the family and not post mean or hurtful comments. My father was a great man but life got the best of him and he made a very bad decision that we the family will forever hurt as the result. No my stepmom did not deserve to die but I have to forgive my father and may his soul be at peace now.

  • cottonkandi5152 Dec 9, 2010

    I pray for my family and wish people would keep hurtful comments to themselves. If you didn't know my father of stepmother then you shouldn't speak on what type of person he or she was. My father was a great man but life got the best of him and he made a very bad decision in which we will never stop hurting from the results.

  • avidreader Dec 9, 2010

    This day and age, how do things progress to this point? There are places to go and people that will help in these situations - so sorry for the family.

  • cjones7 Dec 9, 2010

    For my cousins Tootsie and William, may your souls rest in peace

  • kelia Dec 9, 2010

    to jbarron i wrote that comment about which one died but the man died i knew them both but when i got the story know one knew who had died i want there when it happen i was really asking some one that was there ok

  • peppercorns Dec 9, 2010

    I feel bad for those that have to deal with this. To know that their dad was so mean to their mom and then to face that he murdered her in cold blood. The guy who shot himself got off easy. He should have watched the horror on the faces of those who loved the mom.