Perdue gets speeding ticket; pleads to lesser charge

Posted June 20, 2014

Gov. Beverly Perdue

— Former Gov. Beverly Perdue pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser charge to dispose of a speeding ticket she received last month in Wayne County, according to court records.

A State Highway Patrol trooper stopped Perdue on May 22 and charged her with driving 70 mph in a 55-mph zone.

She pleaded guilty to having improper equipment and paid a $25 fine plus court costs, records show.

"She didn't get any preferential treatment," Wayne County District Attorney Branny Vickery said. "She received the same treatment that any other citizen with a clean driving record would get in Wayne County."


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  • sinenomine Jun 23, 2014

    The story states that Ms. Perdue had a clean driving record. That being the case she did not receive preferential treatment.

    Equipment violation is widely used as a down plea to speeding cases in this state EXCEPT in Wake County where it has not been available, at least not at any recent time.

  • PanthersFan45 Jun 23, 2014

    "She received the same treatment that any other citizen with a clean driving record would get in Wayne County."

    I agree, I think so too, I believe that happens everywhere across this state. Its been awhile since I got a ticket but I remember a judge giving me a "9MPH over ruling" when I was 15 over. I only had to pay court fees at the time. My record was clean and of course it helps if you get a lawyer who knows all the DA's (which I did, and yes it cost a little money). Just being truthful here. Heck, no one needs their insurance to go up.

  • Lightfoot3 Jun 23, 2014

    "c'mon WRAL a little investigative reporting please" - I am not who you think I am

    Should they also investigate why the sky is blue? This is a VERY COMMON tactic in some counties (though not in Wake anymore).

    "That's pretty standard in all counties" - Lucas Turner

    Except for Wake. Just ask my wife. :)

  • Pepe Silvia Jun 23, 2014

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    Preferential treatment implies that you or I couldn't have the same result, but that's not true. This is pretty normal. You just ask for a lesser charge and most of the time they'll give it as long as the ticket doesn't indicate you were driving like a fool.

  • Pepe Silvia Jun 23, 2014

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    This is already very standard. I've gotten pulled over going about 15 over several times in the last 10 years or so. (All highway, all going with the flow of traffic and not weaving between lanes or doing anything foolish) and every single time I've gone down to the courthouse and handled it myself.

    No need for a lawyer or to drop names or be in politics. You just dress like an adult (its amazing what people think is okay to wear to court), wait your turn in line and be respectful to the DA and ask for a reduction to 9 over the limit. I've gotten the reduction every time. Still pay the court fees but my insurance doesn't take a hit. The courts could care less about making your insurance go up because that doesn't go to them, they just want the court fees.

  • Objective Scientist Jun 23, 2014

    IMO - the police officer was "cocky and arrogant"... and with a little online research was able to find the court records for speeding tickets, etc. and did a sort on his name. UNBELIEVABLE!!! The number of tickets this guy wrote in one month was such that he must do nothing else but write speeding tickets in multiple MULTIPLE stops per day! Clearly, that officer has created a true "speed trap" from the I-40 turnoff to Wrightsville. The amount of money the city/county gets in court costs and speeding fines has to be HUGE! Traveling that road... be forewarned, no matter the time of day/night this guy will write you a ticket and will listen to nothing you say... and do it with a "chip on his shoulder". All that said... "improper equipment" - it seems we are "allowed" one of those every 3 years... the attorney made it clear I would not be able to make that claim again until 3 years had passed. His fee - $250 - ensured my outcome and I did not have to make a trip to appear.

  • hearmeout Jun 23, 2014

    Happened to me in another state. I have a clean driving record and was grateful to get a lesser charge to spare points on my license and insurance! I am sure the same would be appreciated by all of you who are thinking she should "hang" for her rather minor infraction. Better watch your speed...you just haven't been caught.... yet!

  • COPs eye Jun 21, 2014

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    its common to allow a plea to lesser charge, usually to 9 miles over but still speeding

  • Britton Allen Jun 21, 2014
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    no they aren't the Wake County DA specifically does not give improper equipment, Johnston does, Durham, I'm not sure about.

  • Larry Hatch Jun 21, 2014
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    I got the exact "plea" for a very similar speeding charge. However, I had to spent almost 3 hours over two visits standing outside and inside the courthouse in Chapel Hill. That was penalty enough! I'm quite sure she did not have that horrible experience and hired a lawyer to stand there for her.