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Pepper spray used to break up fight at Raleigh middle school

Posted June 3, 2009

— A resource officer used pepper spray to break up a fight Wednesday morning at Dillard Drive Middle School, a school spokesman said.

Greg Thomas, public information officer for the Wake County Public School System, said that four students were fighting in a cafeteria and refused to respond to several requests to stop.

The resource officer used pepper spray to stop the fight, Thomas said, but other students in the area at the time might have been exposed to the fumes.

School personnel called emergency workers, who were available to aid any students who asked for treatment after the spray was broadcast. Thomas did not know whether any students required treatment.

The names of those involved in the fight were not released. Thomas said the four would be subject to disciplinary action, but did not specify what type of punishment they would face.


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  • Eduardo1 Jun 3, 2009

    kudos to you officer. Imagine if he just let the fight continue and real serious injuries occurred. "Hey, why didn't he use force to stop the fight"

  • anonemoose Jun 3, 2009

    The children with asthma heard the same three warnings that the fighters had. The had a chance to leave. If they didn't vammosem TBSS.

  • Adelinthe Jun 3, 2009

    Good idea, just ask the innocents to evacuate the area first. If they don't, they take the risk of getting the fumes too.

    God bless.


  • mrsvidivan2 Jun 3, 2009

    So we can pepper spray kids now but we can't spank them. Hmmmm!!

  • james27613 Jun 3, 2009

    Should have used the Tasers !

  • angimomma Jun 3, 2009

    "And therein lies the problem...yes corpral punishment is "way gone" so is respect, discipline and self control....they "became way gone" when the baby daddy "became way gone"....!!!!"

    Um maybe...in some cases. But I'm a single parent and frankly, there's a fine line between abuse and discipline. My ex husband was abusive, maybe not to the kids but thats eventually where his wrath would have laid had I stayed. I'd say more to blame is the abuse of child protective services who are inundated with ridiculous calls that result in ridiculous caseloads. It should be a crime to knowingly make a false accusation but since they have to take all allegations seriously, pretty much anyone can get away with it even if for vindictive purposes. I knew someone whose ex constantly made false calls just to tarnish his name enough to make sure he'd have no hope of gaining custody and brainwash the poor kid into stating the lies were true. But they knew more "important" people so guess who won?

  • GetALife_all Jun 3, 2009

    I hope they all got a good dose of pepper spray. These kids need to learn how to interact with people sooner or latter. And lets face it, sometimes people just need to be shook to their core before they realize that they are behaving inappropriately. The school that my wife teaches at had a kid (4th grader) that beat up the principal. Kids like this needs a slap back to reality.

  • NCTeacher Jun 3, 2009

    I am glad some teachers jobs are being eliminated. Wonder why your job is going.

    I sincerely hope that you do not have to worry for months over whether or not your job will be eliminated. I hope you don't end this school year not knowing ( until August) whether or not you will have a teaching position next year. I hope your boss doesn't take back part of the salary that you have already earned and worked for this year, all the while requiring you to take on extra duties because those positions are being eliminated.

    By any chance- is there supposed to be a "dataclerk" after that Professor? You sound eerily similar

  • GWALLY Jun 3, 2009

    "There is not a teacher on this earth that would discipline my kids. I will see them in court. Oh, corporal punishment is way gone, honey. No teacher should touch a child that is not their own."

    And therein lies the problem...yes corpral punishment is "way gone" so is respect, discipline and self control....they "became way gone" when the baby daddy "became way gone"....!!!!

  • speedy Jun 3, 2009

    Having met the soon-to-be ex-principal, I would say some blame lies there. A classic case of too much education and not enough common sense.