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Lejeune Marines on ship heading to Persian Gulf

Posted June 16, 2014

— Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the amphibious transport dock ship USS Mesa Verde into the Persian Gulf as concern grows over a militant group's advancement toward Iraq's capital.

Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby says the Mesa Verde has already moved into the Gulf, joining the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush and other U.S. naval ships.

Members of Camp Lejeune’s 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit are aboard the Mesa Verde, a spokesman for the II Marine Expeditionary Force said. He couldn't confirm how many Marines were on the ship.

Kirby says the ships' presence will give President Barack Obama "additional options to protect American citizens and interests in Iraq."

The Pentagon says the Mesa Verde carries Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft that can be used for crisis response.

The State Department is reinforcing security at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and evacuating some personnel. The militant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, has taken over several cities in northern Iraq.


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  • 42_wral_mods_suck_i'm_gone Jun 16, 2014

    "And for those who want to continue to blame Bush and Cheney for everything .... seriously? "

    I'm OK with criticisms on the way to go forward but...

    Don't ever forget we are in Iraq because of the boned headed decisions of that GOP administration. At a cost of 3 trillion dollars and thousands of lives.

    And Seriously don't even ask those boned heads what they would do now.

  • Lorna Schuler Jun 16, 2014
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    Yep, my first thought when I saw this as well. Yes, there are Marine pilots etc...but the vague wording pretty much tells it,

    And for those who want to continue to blame Bush and Cheney for everything .... seriously? They haven't been in charge in over 5 years. Decisions made now are entirely laid at the feet of the current administration.

    And is it just me...or does it seem that as soon as it was announced that there the US was going to make big cuts in our military spending AND personnel... that the whole world in general became a bit of a hornets nest?

  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jun 16, 2014

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    Sending Marines always means there will be boots on the ground because THAT'S WHAT MARINES DO!!!

    If there were NOT going to be boots on the ground, Hagel would have sent the Air Force or the Navy.


  • "Screen Name-8/20" Jun 16, 2014

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    Get their backsides out of there - IMMEDIATELY!!!

    That's what I'd do, to ensure their safety.

  • lasm Jun 16, 2014

    And just what would you do with the hundreds of AMERICANS working at OUR embassy in Baghdad? Leave them there to be tortured and murdered? Wouldn't that be repeating his and the State Dept. response to the murders in Benghazi-and even worse? I have no respect for what passes for a President in the US who we have now; and I have total displeasure for his politics. I also think he has waited way too long to protect our people there; and I don't believe he would have ever agreed to this if not for the pressure from common sense people-especially those on the right. But, this is the right thing to do-even though I am concerned about the term "evacuating SOME (U.S.) personnel"-why not all? By the way, the ship is an amphibious TRANSPORT dock ship that carries AIRCRAFT and the USS George H.W. Bush is an AIRCRAFT carrier. I did not ready anything about "boots on the ground".

  • John Ragan Jun 16, 2014
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    it's 2014 and Bush/Cheney have been gone for 6 years. This on on Obama's legacy.

  • Jeremy Gilchrist Jun 16, 2014
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    The defense contractors couldn't be happier. I guess we are in a state of perpetual war after all. We continue to wear the Albatross that is George W. Bush.

  • Jim Buchanan Jun 16, 2014
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    This time? YES! He just made a statement last week that NO ground troops would be involved. I see we still can't trust him!!

  • landonsgrampa Jun 16, 2014

    Last I checked, Bush and Cheney didn't give orders over the weekend.

  • trafalgerfountain Jun 16, 2014

    Just great. My dad told me this way back in the 70's when I asked him what was going on in the Middle East and he said, 'They have been fighting for centuries and they will fight until the end of civilization. We should stay out of there and let them do their thing." I've thought of this at least once a year since then.