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Penny misunderstanding confuses N.C. Central students

Posted September 29, 2009

— A tuition misunderstanding at North Carolina Central University confused some students Monday.

Students were sent a notice to pay a penny by Sept. 28 or face a $20 fine.

Joni Worthington, vice president for communications for the UNC system, said the tuition discrepancy was due to a clerical error.

Students do not have to pay the extra money.


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  • ambidextrous cat Sep 29, 2009

    Something reaks of incompetence here, hmmmm.

  • dplowman Sep 29, 2009

    Sounds like some of the current policies in washington

  • Granny Sep 29, 2009

    How much money was wasted here??

  • MakoII Sep 29, 2009


    Well said.

    Without going into detail here, there are some books that are interesting about the subject.

    Check out "Freakanomics" specifically the part addressing race. Very interesting.

    One of his points, very interesting, is that when you account for poverty (a known influence on academic achievement) the black-white "gap" disappears on kids entering school.

    But then it reappears during elementary school. He explores WHY this is true, and through 2 landmark groups of data and studies shows this to be largely dependent on 2 factors:

    1) do you CARE about getting a better education (parents & kids)
    2) how good is your school (not in the traditional sense though. More like are there gangs, drugs, is it in a "bad" urban location with respect to drugs/gangs, etc) NOT due to experienced teachers or resource issues.

    Essentially: Class & Cultural (not race or ethnicity)

    Which I think most who study this subject know it is.

    Cool book.

  • carter Sep 29, 2009

    It seems as if the issue of Black Racism is under-reported and overlooked, and even accepted! And it shouldn't be. It's equally wrong!

    I agree that racism is wrong regardless of what race. It sould no be accepted

    and having experienced racism - there is still a mentality that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another and certain races feel more strongly than others on this issue and they make stronger statements(parades,websites etc) to make their statements very known. I don't think that racism is overlook when racist acts are made by races other than those that are known for making such statements and i think that it is so unfortunate in this day that races don't have a better relationship. I think in an environment such as a college(educational) reagardless of the predominant race if something is said like that(racial), don't let it slide, Get someones attention in the administration

  • wcumom Sep 29, 2009

    Well bless there little hearts.I hope life doesn't ever throw them a bone bigger than a penny!!!!GEEZ.

  • MakoII Sep 29, 2009


    Well I happen to know you will get thrown off campus at NSCU if overheard saying something like that, yes. They have a review board and take such utterances seriously.

    The Student Body President was quoted in the News Papers and even decried for it at large. It was a very public event.

    My wife took it in stride. She was there to get a degree and they gave her credits from her teaching experience. No complaints about the program (although a teacher or two could have used at that time a bit more subjective testing to be fair was the only complaint I hear) but she passed with flying colors.

    I only say ask because it WAS a problem. When being black or chinese at NSCU becomes a problem there, yes, some follow-up questions to gauge the student body mood and receptiveness would be in order.

    Not dumping on NCCU. Just asking. I'm curious. It seems as if the issue of Black Racism is under-reported and overlooked, and even accepted! And it shouldn't be. It's equally wrong!

  • ORMA Sep 29, 2009

    Brilliance abounds in the common sense arena. How much did it cost them to mail out the bills for a penny? Here is a great idea, lets spend a couple thousand dollars to get a couple hundred. Who hired and trained these brainiacs?

  • carter Sep 29, 2009

    the sad fact is that there is always a population that is in the minority on college campuses and really doubt that woould have gotten someone thrown out of school at NCSU but if your wife felt the student body president said something out of line, assuming in a large gathering, it should have been addressed at that time. Do we ask how other races feel when they are in the minority on other campuses?

  • davidbh61255 Sep 29, 2009

    That place will never change. Staff is set in its ways. Someone needs to take a broom over there!