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Pembroke girl stabbed three times before house set ablaze

Posted October 8, 2009

— A 13-year-old Robeson County girl found dead in a burning home was stabbed three times, including once in the chest, according to an autopsy report released Thursday.

Erica Denise Locklear and her mother, Delilah Locklear, 51, were found dead inside a bedroom of their Pembroke home on July 12.

Authorities said the fire was likely an attempt to cover up the crime. The autopsy report from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Chapel Hill found that Erica Locklear was dead prior to the fire.

Her mother's autopsy has not been released.

Authorities have not announced any new information in the case, but the State Bureau of Investigation had been assisting with the investigation.


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  • readme Oct 8, 2009

    sweet4you, I think we should hold citizens to a little higher standard than that. While symptoms of a bad economy can cause people stress and severe hardship, they do not cause murder. I know you didn't mean to imply that they had a good excuse. My point is that we have to be careful when we explain why murder rates go up not to assign blame absolutely anywhere other than where it should be, which is on the killer. There is no excuse, no matter how bad the tinmes get.

  • sweet4you Oct 8, 2009

    Bottom line...2 females were murdered no matter who wrote/edited the story, we all get the picture. Murder is on the rise in NC. I think it's a combination of lack of hope, no jobs, poor economy you name it. People are stress out and acting out. This is tragic. I wish the family the best in dealing with the loss.

  • Brogden Oct 8, 2009

    This has been edited since our earlier posts.
    The first time read "stabbed to death three times"
    You came into the conversation after the edit was made!

  • aforte0024 Oct 8, 2009

    i wonder where some people learn to read..it plainly says girl stabbed 3 times before house set on fire. In addition to giving the location of each stab wound. Anyway, I hope justice is done, and whoever did it, suffers just as they did.

  • Brogden Oct 8, 2009

    pinehorse - this didn't happen in Chapel Hill
    It happened in Pembroke - Robeson County
    The autopsy report was released in Chapel Hill

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 8, 2009

    No mention of a man in their lives. Does he have an alibi? Why isn't there mention of him in this story? No, the butler didn't do it. Sounds like another husband/boyfriend/Ex gone wild.

  • egh Oct 8, 2009

    This is a sad story for the family to read,I Pray for the Locklear and Strickland family.

  • pinehorse Oct 8, 2009

    Looks like the people who live in Chapel Hill and Cary had better prepare for more of this. Looks like these two places dominate the bad news these days.

  • samiam1244 Oct 8, 2009

    Wonder how far up the bar North Carolina is on being the number one murder State in the U.S... Murder seems to be on the rise here. every day someone gets murdered..

  • rhoda_penmark Oct 8, 2009

    er... how does somebody get stabbed to death three times? Oh, yeah, no editorial staff exists at WRAL.