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Pedestrian struck by vehicle in Chapel Hill

Posted June 24, 2014
Updated June 25, 2014

— A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on the 100 block of West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill at about 9:25 p.m., authorities said.

The person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said. The person's name and gender were not released.

No other information was immediately available.


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  • rocket Jun 25, 2014

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    What good is lots of money if you are killed or badly crippled? I'm not that trusting of people I don't know. All it takes is one bad driver to ruin your life. Why not just use caution instead?

  • NewToMe Jun 25, 2014

    Even though pedestrians should look before crossing, I'm amazed at how many drives don't stop for pedestrians. If I'm walking and crossing at a crosswalk, I always look, but if I have the right-of-way, like a walk signal, then I will walk. If a driver comes up like he/she is not going to stop, I raise my hand to let them know to stop. If they hit me, then I get lots of money.

  • 678devilish Jun 25, 2014

    Looking down and not paying attention. You see the pedestrians doing that all the time. What can a driver do? Pedestrians has responsibility too. They should be charge like the drivers are. I do hope the person will be fine.

  • thejbiddy Jun 25, 2014

    This crosswalk is an accident waiting to happen. I literally am able to watch it most of the day from work. Put a stop light if you want a cross walk. People do not stop for pedestrians. I'm surprised it hasn't happened more but it will happen. Get rid of this cross walk. It's a formula for disaster. Luckily no one was killed this time but who knows how life-altering her injuries will be.

  • carrboroyouth Jun 25, 2014

    Cars NEVER yield to pedestrians in this crosswalk.

  • iopsyc Jun 25, 2014

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    The quote you posted doesn't support your conclusion. The quote specifies that a pedestrian must exercise reasonable care when crossing "a highway", it does not say they must do so at marked or unmarked crosswalks. Is it smart to be careful? Yes. Does it mean pedestrians must yield to cars in those situations? no.

    A clear statement about pedestrians at marked and unmarked crosswalks is "Pedestrians have the right-of-way at marked and unmarked crosswalks in residential and business areas except where there is a traffic or pedestrian signal."

  • Christopher Rose Jun 25, 2014
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    THe cell phones are not just a problem for drivers. I have seen folks texting on cell phones walk right into bus stop signs, and a few walk right out out in front of me. Just wait till we have google glass everywhere.

  • 4Cats Jun 25, 2014

    "Under North Carolina law, pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections and driveways. However, pedestrians must act responsibly, using pedestrian signals where they are available. When crossing the road at any other point than a marked or unmarked crosswalk or when walking along or upon a highway, a pedestrian has a statutory duty to yield the right of way to all vehicles on the roadway. It is the duty of pedestrians to look before starting across a highway, and in the
    exercise of reasonable care for their own safety, to keep a timely lookout for approaching motor vehicle traffic"

    I drive around Chapel Hill daily, and most pedestrians do not even look before walking out into the street. It doesn't matter if the crosswalk is marked or not, you still need to make sure it is safe to cross. The above quote is from the NCDOT

  • Itsmyopinion67 Jun 25, 2014

    The government should protect us from cars.

  • 68_dodge_polara Jun 25, 2014

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    Not invalidating any of those points just that this will continue to happen especially with the use of cell phones while driving these days. Guess these are just acceptable losses for those that choose to place these cross walks at non intersections on major thoroughfares with no traffic signal in place to stop traffic.