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Pedestrian killed on I-540 in Raleigh

Posted December 30, 2013
Updated December 31, 2013

— A pedestrian was killed late Sunday after being struck by a truck on Interstate 540 in Raleigh, the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.

The accident happened about 11 p.m. near Ray Road. Troopers said Christopher Murray, 60, was in the roadway illegally when he was struck.

No charges were filed against the driver.


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  • heobaker Dec 31, 2013

    A person is struck and killed, this is all that that can be reported! There had to be a reason he was there, at that time, on that interstate. Just to say it was illegal for him to be there, what's that?

  • lwe1967 Dec 30, 2013

    They need to keep investigating this.

  • kellypsnll Dec 30, 2013

    Just because it says he was a pedestrian, doesn't mean he was walking somewhere. He may have broke down or more likely and sadly, the person may have been going for suicide by motor vehicle. Very sad for the person that died and for the person for hitting him. Hope he gets help to get through this.

  • rogermondale Dec 30, 2013

    "Ray Road is not a 540 exit?"

    Correct, but it does overpass 540 between the Leesville Rd exit and the Creedmoor Rd exit. Next time you drive through there, look for the bridge.

  • Obamacare prevails again Dec 30, 2013

    Where in the article does it say that Ray Road is an exit off of 540? It says it happened NEAR Ray Road. *smh*

  • a-moment-of-truth Dec 30, 2013

    Ray Road is not a 540 exit?

  • daddyankee Dec 30, 2013

    I-540 is such a pretty stroll this time of year. All the car headlights beaming everywhere makes it feel like the holidays.

  • Obamacare prevails again Dec 30, 2013

    Do these people realize we have plenty of walking trails in this area? I fail to understand the appeal of walking the interstates around here.

  • Watch Dawg 10 Dec 30, 2013

    What in the world is wrong with all these pedestrians in Raleigh walking on Interstates? One it's illegal and two you are probably going to get hit and die!