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Cyclist remembered as 'community servant'

Posted May 2, 2013
Updated May 3, 2013

— Christopher Charles Mangum, a son of C.C. Mangum who served as chief executive officer of the development and contracting firm his grandfather founded, died Thursday after he collided with a car while riding his bike in Raleigh's North Hills neighborhood.

Mangum, 58, was traveling southbound on Lassiter Mill Road, about six miles from his home, when Thomas Edison Castelloe, 81, turned into his path, hitting his bike, police said. 

Mangum "was unable to avoid the collision," police wrote in the wreck report. Other riders in the neighborhood said the intersection was a dangerous one, and it would have been almost impossible for Mangum, who was headed downhill, to stop quickly.

"Even though riders have a right to their portion of the road there, whenever there is a conflict between a rider and a car, the car always wins," said Ron Wahula.

The driver of the car, Castelloe, of 3417 Williamsborough Court, was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield the right of way. He posted bond late Friday morning.

Mangum was a graduate of North Carolina State University and the third generation to head up the family business started by his namesake, C.C. Mangum Co. He worked there for more than 30 years and served as CEO after his father's death, his sister, Jeanne Andrus said. 

C.C. Mangum Co. worked on many of the projects that grew Raleigh and eastern North Carolina through much of the 20th century. The company was bought out in 2010 by Fred Smith Co., and Chris Mangum launched C.C. Mangum Consulting a year later.

Andrus described her brother Friday as someone who had a passion for people.

David Spickard, who co-founded  a nonprofit job-creation program with Mangum, echoed that sentiment. "He was just a model of a servant leader who always gave himself to others," Spickard said.

Jobs for Life was based in Raleigh, but Mangum worked through churches across the United States and in five other countries to teach life and job skills.  

"He leaves a legacy for us through Jobs for Life of thousands and thousands of lives that have been transformed, people who had no hope at one time and who now experience life in a new way," Spickard said.

"He was a spiritual person, who took up cycling later in life and, as with anything he did, he gave it 100 percent," friend Tom Helper said. 

Mangum is survived by a wife and children.

His death comes as the North Carolina Department of Transportation marks “National Bike Month” and “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.” According to the DOT, more than 900 cyclists are injured or killed across the state annually in collisions with vehicles. So far in 2013, Raleigh has recorded 19 such crashes, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Under state law, bicycles are considered vehicles. They must travel in the roadway and have the same rights and responsibilities as cars and trucks.

Castelloe is also a prominent member of the community. He is a retired doctor and was one of the founders of Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic. "He spent his career saving lives and making lives better," a friend said.


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  • dogluv3r May 6, 2013

    The Mangum and Castelloe families, you are in my prayers. Smithfielddog, could not have said it better myself. All of you should be ashamed!!

  • LovemyPirates May 3, 2013

    smithfielddog - Thank you!!!

  • smithfielddog May 3, 2013

    What a nasty bunch of comments from some self-righteous people.

    Mr. Mangum was a fine man, respected by all who knew him. Dr. Castelloe is retired but was a prominent doctor who, among other things, gave a third of a million dollars to UNC Medical School in 2005. Both of them have done a lot of good in their lives - more than most of those sniping at them.

    Accidents happen every day. Of course cycling can be dangerous - you're going to lose any encounter with a car no matter who is "right." Mangum knew this, of course, but this doesn't make the loss any more tragic. And those attacking Dr. Castelloe - do you think maybe he's hurting now?

    It's a shame that, rather than expressions of sympathy for both families, we have a significant crew of perfect people ready to criticize others on a subject they know little or nothing about.

  • Rolling Along May 3, 2013

    As in this case it is always bad when anyone gets injured on the highway... so sad. My opinion no vehicle should be allowed on public streets unless they meet three things, licensed, insured and able to maintain the posted speed limit. I don't know but feel that the $16k reported bicycle doesn't receive a county property tax bill each year like other vehicles.
    May 3, 2013 12:42 p.m.
    Report abuse

    Need to do some research (google is your friend) Most road costs are NOT fully paid by gas taxes, in fact less than half of road costs are covered by gas taxes, the rest comes from other sources. Bicycles do minimal damage to road ways. I own multiple vehicles, my bike gets more mileage than at least two of my cars.

  • NCHighlander May 3, 2013

    Tragic for all involved.

  • 1nclady May 3, 2013

    How tragic for everyone.

  • Southern Girl May 3, 2013

    May God bless both of these families.

  • InTheNo May 3, 2013

    According to the law, bicycles are allowed on public roadways. Those laws, however, are old. With the congestion on modern roadways and the speed of modern cars, there is no way for bikes and cars to safely share the same roadways. Again, the laws allow for it but it's not safe and I only ride a bike on trails. It amazes me to see people on a bike in traffic with cars and trucks but if they're willing to take that risk then they're within the law. Not something I would consider though. The fact that it's a bad idea is evidenced in this case and in all the other ones we've seen. I think it's time that the law is changed to disallow bikes, and no, they do not pay the same tax to use the roads as car owners. When's the last time you got your license plate and registration renewed for your bike?

  • CK54 May 3, 2013

    I knew Chris many years ago as I was his salesperson when I worked for Nextel Communications. Chris was a very kind and Spiritual man and a pleasure to work with as was his dad that I remember fondly. Rest in peace Chris and I pray for the gentleman that unfortunately took your life. Peace...

  • Mom2two May 3, 2013

    So sad for all involved, and I know, that for the grace of God, I could have been in the same shoes (either one) at one point or another in my life. All life involves risks, and sometimes we are just careless.