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Pedestrian hit on Western was crossing against the light

Posted July 25, 2008
Updated July 26, 2008

— Emergency crews took a pedestrian to a hospital early Friday after a driver in a 1998 Nissan hit the man on Western Boulevard near Avent Ferry Road.

Rashid Pierre Riboul, 23, of 14174 Old Lake Road in Riegelwood, was crossing Western Boulevard against the light when he was hit by LaTonya Lynnette McKoy, 22, of 109 Farris Court in Raleigh.

McKoy was going about 45 mph – the posted speed limit – at the time of impact, according to police. She braked afterwards, leaving skid marks.

Riboul was thrown 171 feet after the impact. Due to the severity of his injuires, Riboul's family was notified.

He was listed in critical condition at WakeMed on Saturday night.


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  • beachboater Jul 25, 2008

    The story says he crossed against the light. If he was jaywalking, would he be at a light? I doubt it.

    The story says," Riboul was thrown 171 feet after the impact. Due to the severity of his injuires, Riboul's family was notified. He was in serious condition Friday afternoon at WakeMed"

    Due to the severity of his injuries, his family was notified? What the ??????? Why would you not notify his family?

    Poor writing WRAL.

  • mondosinistro Jul 25, 2008

    Last December I turned onto a side street from Western or Hillsborough, can't remember which, heading toward Raleigh. About 9 at night, during the week. Some pedestrians were crossing; they looked like probably students. They didn't even seem to know I was there! It was low speed, so not much likelihood I was going to hit anyone, but still, it was like they just didn't see me, or didn't care.

    About 35 years ago, I got hit and, they tell me, thrown about 50 feet into some bushes. Woke up in the hospital two or three hours later. Went home the next day after overnight for observation. AFAIK no lasting injuries, but let me tell you, it's no fun. I wasn't jaywalking, just walking on the right shoulder parallel to traffic, which you also shouldn't do. Needless to say, I've been more careful ever since.

  • happy Jul 25, 2008

    Not to make light of this by any means. (I'm really hoping both pedestrian and driver are ok) but when our office was on Centennial Campus, I had a key chain that said, "So many pedestrians, so little time."

    It would take SO long to get off campus due to all the students crossing the road anywhere and everywhere.

  • Shadow213 Jul 25, 2008

    JoanB-- Last time I checked, drivers can't really see cross walk signals since they're pointed perpendicular do the direction they're driving. Now, in the article it states the driver had a green light and all traffic signals were working properly. So, I'm guessing that even IF the driver could see the pedestrian signal, it woudln't be blinking at all. It'd be a solid red stop hand or "don't walk" (whichever one is there). Still, the situation is tragic for both parties. And I do agree that although "Pedestrians have the right of way," when it comes down to it, the car is always going to win. It's not worth risking injuries.

  • WFrules Jul 25, 2008

    I hope the person makes it, but come on if you cross the street when you're not supposed to you're risking yout life! Just cross when you're supposed to and look both ways. That's the problem?

  • revolutionary Jul 25, 2008

    The concept of pedestrians having the right of way has always been a ridiculous concept to me. I graduated from NC State and witnessed first hand how people just leap off of curbs and off the sidewalk into the street with absolutely no regard for the cars coming. It happens on Hillsborough St and Western all of the time. And it's almost like they dare you to hit them or something. They talk on their cell phones completely oblivious to the oncoming traffic. I'm sorry but I just think that you can control your 160 pound self a lot better than I can control a car that weighs a couple of tons! Look where you're going and stop taking the whole "pedestrians have a right of way" saying to mean that you are invincible when you walk across a busy intersection!

  • doglover11 Jul 25, 2008

    Sounds as though the injuries are serious. I hope they can pull through.

    On the subject of people crossing the road around NCSU, you would think with such a huge campus and all the foot and vehicle traffic around Western/Avent Ferry, they would consider building a pedestrian bridge over the road. I think that is a lot more feasible than some of the projects that money is wasted on.

  • spiderwriter Jul 25, 2008

    It was only a matter of time. Pedestrians jaywalk ALL THE TIME at that intersection, and at the intersection of Avent Ferry and Varsity Ct. It's unfortunate for the person who was hit, but pedestrians need to be just as vigilant as drivers. Never count on the other guy to be paying attention.

  • b327 Jul 25, 2008

    Why the diatribe on jaywalkers? If the driver had a green light and was moving fast enough to cause serious injury, then the pedestrian could NOT have had a walk signal. this happens all day long here.

  • Joe Blow Jul 25, 2008

    JTP - Others have been hit there before.