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Patrol sergeant under investigation

Posted July 16, 2010

— A state Highway Patrol sergeant is under investigation for possible misconduct, authorities said Friday.

Sgt. Debra L. Clapp, a supervisor with the Motor Carrier Enforcement unit, has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation, patrol spokesman Sgt. Jeff Gordon said.

The Motor Carrier Enforcement unit enforces state and federal laws regulating commercial vehicle operations. Troopers assigned to the unit inspect and weigh commercial trucks and buses to make sure they are in safe operating condition and aren't carrying excessive loads.

Gordon said he couldn't disclose the specifics of the allegations against Clapp or which agency is handling the criminal probe.

Clapp, 49, has worked for the patrol since 1991 and is assigned to a weigh station on Interstate 40/84 near Hillsborough. While on administrative duty, she cannot wear her uniform or carry a badge or gun.


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  • crustyhalo Jul 20, 2010

    I am really tired of the News Media slamming NCHP. This is an organization that for many years has protected our highways and backroads in NC. There are many fine,upstanding,respectable troopers that serve us each day.All LEO organizations have their share of "problems",mostly do not make the newspapers or television (thank god)but we still need to support the more than 1000 troopers that continue to serve us and our roads each day.THE MEDIA NEEDS TO LAY OFF...SOME THINGS THE GENERAL PUBLIC JUST SHOULD NOT KNOW,serves no purpose for anyone....

  • gandalla Jul 16, 2010

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the colonel quiting.

  • JoCoMomof5 Jul 16, 2010

    Where are the news reports about the 1800 Troopers who do their jobs everyday? Where is the press when so, so many false accusations are proven to be lies made up by disgruntle people that got angry because they got a ticket when they broke the law?

  • JoCoMomof5 Jul 16, 2010

    Good point roaddog3. This is insane. What happened to incent until proven guilty. The press is hungry for blood and the SHP people in Raleigh have lost their minds.

  • bru203A Jul 16, 2010

    well i think glover was a kind man who made a mistake. but being col. was to much for his misconduct. i would like to say i hope gov perdue does not make anyone in the raleigh administrative office i think a camera should be in each car because so much attention when it comes out a female was sexually abused or touched so they can get out of the ticket. i saw that written by someone else. he said he told his girlfriend if she got a ticket c/o being harassed etc so she could get out of the ticket. man have we opened a worms nests. I also heard that everyone that had been fired this year that their files were going to be investigated i hope that includes those who were wrongly fired. never been in trouble. fire for jealousy and racial profile. he loved his job. even as a teenager that is what he wanted to do and he had done a very good job until his first sargent retired and someone else took his place. everyone put in for transfers no one wanted to work there.NEED TO HIM OUT

  • roaddog3 Jul 16, 2010


  • ncnan Jul 16, 2010

    Well..this may be the continuation of the housecleaning that has needed to happen!

  • eagle_51 Jul 16, 2010