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Parole officer crashes state-owned car into power pole

Posted January 1, 2010

— A North Carolina parole officer crashed his state-owned vehicle into a power pole near the intersection of North Roxboro Street and Olympic Avenue around 7:15 a.m. Friday.

The parole officer, whose name was not released, suffered bumps and bruises and was "very lucky" that the injuries were not more serious, said a Durham police watch commander.

He was taken to Duke Hospital for treatment.

The man told officers that he could not remember how or why he drove off the road, police said. Authorities said they do not believe alcohol was involved.

The parole officer might have to pay for the destroyed pole, which Duke Power officials were working to replace. No charges will be filed if the driver crashed due to medical reasons, police said.


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  • leo-nc Jan 4, 2010

    "I wonder if they actually did a BAC test on him or just "said" alcohol wasn't involved? "---

    You can do a PBT on the side of the road pretty easily... There are other signs as well. Would you care to go through them since you know so much? Here, let me start. How many clues can you get from HGN?

  • Diabolical Jan 1, 2010

    Wrong person..Thatsgreat..I meant

  • Diabolical Jan 1, 2010

    "Think" Parole Officers have to work during the holidays. Some are on call.

  • Diabolical Jan 1, 2010

    This story is just wrongly written and can be interpreted in so many ways..lol.. I hope he feels better and I'm glad he's okay..

    "The man told officers that he could not remember how or why he drove off the road"

    Was he suicidal at the time?
    Was he a [don't laugh haha] a victim of MKULTRA Project Monarch mind control operations..;p [he don't remember how or why]
    Did little green men tell him what to do?
    Did he see an apparition on the road?

    I say a concussion is why he don't remember. Maybe someone cut him off. ;p

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Jan 1, 2010

    I believe the parole officer misunderstood when someone suggested pole dancing... :-)

    He's lucky that he is alive.

  • rroadrunner99 Jan 1, 2010

    I wonder if they actually did a BAC test on him or just "said" alcohol wasn't involved? Lot of difference in the two.

  • think1st Jan 1, 2010

    If some of you will promise to never use the internet again, I'll try to send each of you a set encyclopedias!

  • working for deadbeats Jan 1, 2010

    To think that a law enforcment agency would be working on a holiday. You Golo'ers are just so smart.

  • working for deadbeats Jan 1, 2010

    "Driving a state car on a holiday - hmmmm, what kind of business was being attended to at that time? Was there ice on the road? Any other road hazards? Was alcohol involved? Will we find out the answers to any of these questions?"

    Wow...just wow. Brilliant.

  • think1st Jan 1, 2010

    To the negative folks on this forum, you enjoy the luxury of living in an area of the state that is not free of crime, but per capita, is very safe. This safety does not come without sacrifice. This sacrifice is made by the very ones you bash each day. A lot of the rural areas of this state have been devistated by drugs and crime. In these areas, people truly appreciate the hard work of the leo's. So when they make a mistake, go ahead and pounce on them with fury. Maybe one day you will be forced to live in a hostile community. Then you can type away.