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Parking rates in flux at RDU

Posted June 30, 2009

The cost of parking at Raleigh-Durham International Airport is going up effective Wednesday. The hourly rate for parking in the daily section of the garage is set to increase from $1 to $2; the daily maximum will still be $10.

In the hourly section of the garage, the rate remains $1 per hour, with a maximum of $24.

Park-and-ride lots will also see a fee change. Hourly parking at those lots will be eliminated. Everyone who parks there will pay a $6 per day flat fee.


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  • lb27608 Jul 1, 2009

    You CAN park for free while waiting to pick someone up. The lot is at the RDU Center, near the rental car area:


  • qbmurf Jul 1, 2009

    Some airports have a cell phone waiting area. The closest thing at RDU is at the Observation Park which is near the air traffic control tower. You can't walk to the terminals but you can wait for the person you are picking up to call you without having to go in circles forever.

  • Tax Man Jul 1, 2009

    Thanks for your encouragement - I am also fortunate to live close to RDU and can have my friends/family call me on my cell when they get off the plane - then can pick them up in front of the baggage claim area in a few minutes. I am just shocked that any place would charge customers for parking. That is why I will not do business downtown Raleigh - or any other place - if they will not provide me with the courtesy of free parking - it is just common sense and good business! Even when I worked in a High Rise office building we gave all of our clients free parking! If I can park free to eat & shop I will - If I have to pay then I will go elsewhere - very simple!

  • lillann15 Jul 1, 2009

    That I am aware of, there are no free lots at RDU. When I have had to pick people up I have either showed up AS they were landing or else I have had to keep driving around the airport. I guess one good thing about living 5 minutes from the airport is the fact that I can wait until the people I am picking up calls from the airport when they land, and then by the time I get there they are coming out to the terminal pickup outside...

    But Tax Man, when you find out where this free lot is, please share with us. Thanks :)

  • WHEEL Jul 1, 2009

    "Tax Man" There is NOTHING free at RDU. The authorith built a ton of parking in anticipation of forever expansion and is now stuck with expensive bird roosts. Why do you think they fought the TTA proposal for service there so hard.

  • Tax Man Jun 30, 2009

    Where is the free parking at the airport? If I go to pick someone up arriving at RDU I would not expect to have to pay to park for 20 minutes or so - you used to wait at the curb until they came out but 9/11 changed that! So where is the free airport parking? I know they have it, just need to find it. Maybe it is in a lot you can take a tram from? RDU Authority, please post where the free, short-term parking is. Thanks!

  • swbrad Jun 30, 2009

    That stinks about the park and ride lots charging a flat daily fee only. More than once I've had my flight canceled at the airport, now I'll have to pay $6 for only being there an hour or two? No thanks, while I don't like that the off site lots pick up and drop so far away from the terminals, they are now cheaper (with coupon) so looks like RDU just screwed themselves out of any more $ from me. That's what you get for being greedy these days.