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Parking deck collapses in Charlotte

Posted May 13, 2008

— Dozens of fire department personnel responded to a parking deck collapse in Charlotte Tuesday morning.

The parking deck, at 6100 Fairview Road, is near SouthPark Mall. No one was reported injured as of 9 a.m., according to WBTV in Charlotte.

The collapsed deck is a 20 to 30 foot section. The fourth floor collapsed into the third deck. The third deck then collapsed onto the floor below.

In December, another section of a parking deck at SouthPark Mall collapsed after someone ran into one of the pillars. One person was killed.


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  • TheAdmiral May 14, 2008

    "Dozens of fire department personnel responded to a parking deck collapse in Charlotte Tuesday morning."

    But wait - I thought the fire departments were made of omnipotent supermen who can stop this from happening!

  • chivegas May 13, 2008

    "What is with parking decks in Charlotte? Wasn't there another parking structure in Charlotte that collapsed a few months ago?"

    Yep. Right across the street. If I had to live in Charlotte, I'd probably collapse too!

  • SheriffTruman May 13, 2008

    If people will remember back to when a section of the Crabtree deck collapsed, the suppier of the precast parts determined that the proceedures were not adequate to ensure hte reinforcing was in the right place all the time. Because of this, dozens of decks with precast from this same supplier were checked and some remediation had to be done on a few to ensure safety.

    I have no idea if this deck has parts from them, but it is possible that it does and is now failing. However, the previous partial collapse at Southpark Mall that was mentioned by the article was caused by a vehicle hitting a part of the deck that supported the road surface. It was 100% not the fault of the materials or construction methods. It is just as likely that this collapse is also due to some external force and not a problem, we will have to wait for more info to see.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc May 13, 2008

    Nice...I don't think we'll be making any trips to the South Park mall when we go back to Charlotte.

  • davidgnews May 13, 2008

    Wonder if it was constructed by the same company that built that collapsed walkway at Lowes Motor Speedway ?

  • supernik87 May 13, 2008

    I was just over there the other day. Many of the buildings around there were built around the same time so there may be a connection. It just seems strange that two decks across the street from each other would collapse like that only months apart.

  • Alicat May 13, 2008

    Time to raze this deck before yet another section bites the dust. If anyone parks there now they are just plain idiotic,

  • teacher-mom May 13, 2008

    I would not park there; I think something is wrong with the parking structure.

  • Glass Half Full May 13, 2008

    Note to self: Don't park in parking deck at mall in Charlotte.

    Very glad to hear no one injured. Sorry for the folks who lost vehicles. Maybe with the early hour there weren't many/any cars in the deck.

  • areyou.serious May 13, 2008

    Must be Bush's fault.