Parents, teachers reeling after Wake Forest school's sudden shutdown

Posted November 7, 2012

— Millennium Academy in Wake Forest closed its doors unexpectedly Tuesday, catching students, parents and teachers off guard, and the school's top administrator can't be found to answer questions about the shutdown.

Parent Jessica Mathes said she received an email Tuesday stating that "the school is closed, effective immediately, due to financial reasons."

Sherwood Young said he hasn't seen his wife, Adriane Young, since Sunday. The couple opened Millennium Academy in 2009, and Adriane Young was the school's sole leader for the past six months, her husband said.

"I need to find our what is going on because I do not know," he said.

Mathes, however, said Sherwood Young was very involved at the school.

"He was there the first day of school touting himself as an administrator," she said.

The private school, at 231 Capcom Ave., was empty Wednesday. Scattered school supplies dotted the floors, but computers, smart boards, projectors and other equipment had been cleared out.

Millennium Academy Wake Forest school shuts down without warning

Mathes said she recently paid $1,100 in tuition and fees, but her kindergartener now has no school and no answers.

"This gets dumped on the families, and now we are stuck struggling," she said.

Sherwood Young said the school was facing financial problems and needed more students, but said he didn't know the extent of the problem.

One teacher told WRAL News that she didn't realize she was out of a job until she couldn't get into the locked building Wednesday morning.

Mathes said she chose the school for its small class sizes and excellent teachers, but now she feels unsettled and upset.

"I think it is disgusting what they did, not only to the kids, but to the teachers as well," she said.

The Millennium Academy website, which is still up and running, says the school is hosting an open house Sunday afternoon and is accepting applications for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.


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  • lynne0312 Nov 12, 2012

    NBC 17 wrote an update over the weekend. No one was able to reach them. Something very strange is going on. I keep checking for an update to this story.

  • beef Nov 12, 2012

    If every parent cared enough about their kids to send them to private school, there would be no need for private schools.

  • foghat001 Nov 12, 2012

    SO - what happened with the meeting between the parents and the school official Friday?

  • luvstoQ Nov 9, 2012

    fuzzmom, my younger son was more than ready to start school the year before he did. Our older two (girl & boy) both started K. at 4 because the cut off date in that state was 12/31 & their b'days were Sept./Nov. Not a biggie to me, but ages in our experience mattered little - they were all mature and ready and did great. One g'son, on the other hand had to repeat K. because his mind was in the "air" half the time LOL. Sure hope the children from this school don't suffer a lot of missed days before other arrangements for them can be made - would be very emotionally tough on them even so.

  • ladyblue Nov 9, 2012

    tax deduction that you do. So we pay more to educate your children than you do

    hahahahaha, there goes that income tax deduction cry again

    yep and considering he/she's ASSUMMING... I have no small children .. lol have already raised mine..

  • whenindoubtchoosetheconstitution Nov 9, 2012

    ladyblue-- You seem to miss the fact that many of us dont have children and we dont get that income tax deduction that you do. So we pay more to educate your children than you do

    hahahahaha, there goes that income tax deduction cry again

  • tarheel86 Nov 9, 2012

    Here's a link to the school's e-newsletter with links to tuition costs and the application process. These links are still working.

  • fuzzmom Nov 9, 2012

    jma47, it is "child" specific. Some children need the extra year, and others are simply punished. Just like siblings can have different needs, children with the same birthdays can have different needs. Yes, private school (based on bday issue) is a "need" for some children. I'm not talking about the parents who just want daycare. I agree with you on that one. I'm glad things worked out for your son. It "works" for boys, who "tend" to be more immature than girls of the same age. There is no "one size fits" all for children. This school addressed that "need" and it's sad that those children are left in a lurch.

  • lynne0312 Nov 9, 2012

    Something is wrong here. The husband says he doesn't know where she is but that she's okay. That makes no sense.

    This is really bothering me because Adriane is such a nice person, always invited us to school events, let my kids try classes there, never pressured us about enrolling and accepted that we were homeschoolers. I really want to know more about what's happening with this situation. I wish she would make a public statement.

  • Krimson Nov 9, 2012

    "What wrong with teaching YOUR OWN KIDS and not have the gov teach them."

    We've learned as a country and society that an educated work-force is a good thing, and that illiterate mouth breathers are a bad thing.