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Panther Creek High modular classrooms to open in January

Posted September 10, 2008

— Panther Creek High School students will continue taking classes in the library, cafeteria and other non-classroom spaces until January, school officials said Wednesday.

Modular classrooms planned for the school won't be available until then.

Wake County school officials applied for a permit for the modular units in May. Cary officials said the school system applied for the permit with the understanding that the units would open in January.

Cary officials said they have expedited the process for Wake schools, including finishing a necessary traffic study. Site work will be done in the coming weeks, and the units will be installed and any needed road improvements completed in November and December, officials said.

Panther Creek High was designed for 1,600 students, but 2,197 students were attending the school as of the 10th day of class. Almost 1,500 students attended the school last year, when it opened with only ninth through 11th grades.


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  • StateMom Sep 10, 2008

    Why didn't they bus 500 students all over the county like they do at all the other schools?

  • Nothing New Sep 10, 2008

    Why did they not know this school would be overcrowded. Last year 3 grades = 1,500 student. Divide that by 3 grades = 500 student per grade. Take 500 students per grade X's 4 grades = 2,000 students. 400 student over capacity last year already using simple math. So why does it sound like such a surprise this year? To busy fighting County Commm. fighting for more money and threating cuts.

  • RonnieR Sep 10, 2008

    Well, it IS a gambling site and our young'uns should not be visiting them on our dime!

  • anneonymousone Sep 10, 2008

    According to the ncauditor.net report I just browsed through, the executive director of the state "education lottery" earns more than $200,000 a year. The lottery has four regional offices and a state office. I would wager, were I a gambling woman, that employess in those offices do not work out of rooms that are inadequately designed to serve as offices, nor are those people waiting for trailers.

    How lovely: the school computer will not let me gain access to the official lottery site because the filter identifies it as a gambling site.