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Panel OKs Wine at School for Religious Services

Posted June 18, 2007

— A Wake County Board of Education committee on Monday approved a policy change that would allow a Catholic church to bring wine into a school to celebrate Mass.

Area churches pressed for space have rented schools for years to hold Sunday services. But when St. Bernadette Catholic Church asked to rent Holly Springs Elementary School for weekend Mass, school administrators said using wine during Mass would violate the school district's policy against alcohol on school campuses.

School board member Ron Margiotta asked for the policy change to allow the wine, noting Catholic canon insists on having wine to celebrate Mass.

The amended policy will be presented to the school board at its Tuesday meeting. A final vote on the new rule is expected at the board's July 17 meeting.


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  • WhatEver Jun 19, 2007

    In the service after my first communion they ran out of wine when it was my turn. I stood up in front of the church waiting for them to bring some more. Hey, it was the only way to drink legally. When my family and I went went to the priest's house, BOY, he was more stocked than any bar I ever seen.

    I am no longer Catholic and the church I go to now uses grape juice. I think all churches should use wine. WWJD? Answer: Drink wine! I bet he made some awesome wine at the wedding.

  • Tax Man Jun 19, 2007

    I guess Ron Margiotta is the only sane & wise member of the board. I applaud him for all the good things he brings to Wake County Board of Education. Let's vote out the rest as soon as they come up for election.

  • erggggg Jun 19, 2007

    "a bunch of bomb building radical islamists "

    WOW........ maybe you should start listening a little closer during the tolerance sermons.

  • Steve Crisp Jun 19, 2007

    Oh, and if schools were that adament about total prohibitions against alcohol and drugs, they would not allow ANY beverage that contains fruit juice or involve coca leaves in its manufacture -- like Hawaiian Punch or Coca Cola. The former, by the very fact that it contains fruit, also contains traces of alcohol. And Coke really does contain cocaine, though in such trace amounts that it is difficult to measure. And of course, they would suspend any student who used Nyquil for a cold since it is actually 50 proof.

    Our laws against alcohol in schools have the intent to prevent intoxication among students. But there are some people who are so legalistic that they demand a strict prohibition even when there is no harm done. Same holds for things like toy guns, small pocket knives, nail clippers, and other things that are ignorantly banned from school property. Take a Midol? No way. That is drug use and will not be tolerated. I'm amazed they don't ban medicated lip balm.

  • Steve Crisp Jun 19, 2007

    Most wines and beers used in daily meals in ancient times were so weak they would have made O'Douls taste like it had a kick. Remember, for thousands of years, beer was considered liquid bread. It was a means of storing the nutrients of grains in a form longer than actual bread would have lasted. Same with wine; it was a means of preserving grapes, raisins and other fruits for later consumption.

    Of course, you could certainly brew wine and beer with a kick as is noted about the prohibition of putting new wine into old vessels. The fermentation process would cause the old skins to burst. There are also different types of wine noted in the Bible. Sometimes wine is referenced as a table drink. Other times it is paired with the phrase "wine and strong drink." The distinction, though subtle, is meaningful. Yes, you could get trashed on wine if it were the "good stuff" so to speak, but again, mostly it was weak and fit for daily consumption without intoxication.

  • I_love_ the_ News Jun 19, 2007

    God bless everyone!
    Lord help the soul with a fussing spirt!

  • NotFromHere Jun 19, 2007

    To all you Baptists, I guess Jesus wasn't a good Baptist since he drank alcohol on a daily basis as was sustom at the time. He even turned stone jars of water in to wine for a wedding celebration. And I believe he used wine at the Last Supper - where he said "Do this in memory of me".

    Boy that Jesus, he would have never fit in with you bunch of pius, holier-than-thou, people.

  • then who cares Jun 18, 2007

    What would be wrong with grape juice? It is symbolic--right? If one group can use alcohol at school why not another? What is the possibility that some other religion would have some form of observance that would be worse than alcohol? Is it separation of church and state or is it separation of church and state when it's convenient? Maybe the Enloe guest could just pass out anti-other religions during rental times at Enloe or some other school!

  • ladyblue Jun 18, 2007

    This is the 21st century meaning of Seperation of church and state. State schools have zero tolerence for alcohol and the churches using the schools to have their wine for religious purposes. Only in America

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Jun 18, 2007

    What a bunch of fuss about nothing. So what if they want to have a religious ceremony with little teeny sips of wine!

    I'm glad the school board appears to have a bit of common sense regarding this...