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Panel calls for public smoking ban in Orange

Posted October 25, 2012

— The Orange County Board of Health voted Wednesday for a rule to ban smoking in public places across the county.

The county Board of Commissioners is expected to discuss the proposal on Nov. 20. If approved, the ban would take effect next July.

Local high school students began two years ago pushing the idea of a smoking ban in places such as government property, vehicles, parks and sidewalks, officials said. The Board of Health researched the issue of second-hand smoke's health effects before deciding to move forward with the issue.

The board collected public input in recent weeks and found that a smoking ban in various locales was backed by more than 70 percent of people responding to surveys.

During a public hearing Wednesday night, five people spoke in favor of a ban, while a sixth said prohibiting smoking on sidewalks would be going too far.


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  • smegma Nov 1, 2012

    high school students pushed for it? how cute. i find that UNLIKELY. a little project of the social studies teacher perhaps? clever.

  • kwtarheel Nov 1, 2012

    LOL! Please add these bans to the agenda.

    Ban all drive through lanes at restaurants. It is excessive pollution and wastes fuel.

    Ban parents that don't have their kids on leashes. Kids must be on leashes!

    Ban all talking in public places. This causes excessive noise pollution and increases the anxiety of those with ADHD.

    Ban all cell phones in public places for the same reason as above.

    Ban all cell phone talking in cars or on public highways. You must pay an additional tax for using cell phones on public highways that are paid for by citizen tax dollars. Accidents cause law enforcement to be tied up unnecessarily.

    All outdoor concerts should be banned. I hate going outside my home to smoke a cigarette and have to hear music from some county sponsored outdoor concert. More noise pollution.

    Walkers should be ticketed when there is a ill designed sidewalk and they prefer walking on a level surface.

    I could go on, but only allowing 1000 characters limits my free speech

  • piene2 Oct 31, 2012

    "Oh well, guess us smokers will stay out of Hillsborough and spend our money elsewhere. Thanks for the warning, I plan to start avoiding Hillsborough as of now. See ya!

    Please avoid Cumberland County as well. See ya!

  • greymomma Oct 31, 2012

    I don't like seeing people's rights chipped away, and as far as the second hand smoke goes, you probably inhale more toxic fumes sitting in line at a drive-thru with your windows rolled down. But I sure do wish more smokers used some common sense when smoking in public areas. While pushing my son around in a stroller at events like Hillsborough Hog days, I can't count the number of times someone has put a lit cigarette right in his face while not paying attention to their surroundings. Now that he is toddling about and picking things up, I am appalled at the number of cigarette butts he finds even around playgrounds.
    I'll be voting yes on this one if it ever shows up on the ballot.

  • darill Oct 30, 2012

    I'm a smoker myself and I truly believe that this ban is a joke because it won't work. If this law passes they will have to fill up the jail house and then it will be full then they won't have no where else to put them. And then again there are no evidence to support that a small amout of 2nd hand smoke can cause cancer, it is just a smell that annoys the non-smoker. Get over it complainers! There are other things that annoys worst than this and yet there is no law for it! So what's the point?

  • Evolve Oct 30, 2012

    Maybe we should listen to the high school students.... They seem to be wiser than many of the posters on here. I say we make cancer sticks illegal all together since people don't seem to have the sense to not smoke on their own!

  • OleNCNative Oct 30, 2012

    There is no (NO) evidence to support that the small amount of second hand smoke you get when someone is smoking beside you outside is of any threat. This is just because the smell annoys people. Get over it.

  • monkeyboy Oct 29, 2012

    "Where will it end? I wish that NC would ban smoking in outdoor dining areas so I could enjoy the nice weather we were having but where does it stop? What's next?" - joeBob

    if you don't like what other people are doing around you, remove yourself to another location. try to accept at least that much personal responsibility...

  • SouthernBornSouthernBred Oct 29, 2012

    I don't smoke, but I would rather sit in the middle of a smoke filled restaurant than beside a family with kids that don't behave! What I really don't understand is all the focus on smoking when a smoker does harm to themselves (and those that stand to close). What about the person that gets drunk and drives and kills an innocent family? Let's stop public drinking! Come on people let Freedom ring and quit making choices/laws for everybody because you don't agree. Work on banning the unruly kids if you want to make a difference.

  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 29, 2012

    Funny how these people are all about freedom as long as they aren't offended or inconvenienced. I don't smoke cigarettes.