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Pair sought in Cumberland County debit card thefts

Posted September 23, 2011

— The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office is ramping up its efforts to find a man and a woman wanted for breaking into cars and stealing debit cards.

Investigators said Friday that the couple, which targets unlocked vehicles, was recently caught on surveillance video leaving a local Walmart with clothes and pre-loaded credit cards that they bought using a stolen card.

They think the couple might be connected to dozens of car break-ins throughout Cumberland County, including the areas of Camden Road, Lake Upchurch Road and Hypony Trail, where reports of break-ins have been on the rise.

Detectives want anyone with information about the pair to contact the sheriff's office at 910-323-1500.


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  • 007KnightRider Sep 23, 2011

    1) Fyi, automobile doors may be locked manually or automatically. Who in their right mind would leave doors unlocked in the first place. If your doors are unlocked you deserve to have everything stolen in view. Door locks are nothing new. It's 2011 and three months until Christmas, I guess people will not learn.

  • jmanarc Sep 23, 2011

    To WRAL-- I appreciate the fact that you are trying to get the story out first to your audience, however, your audience would also like to get more information of some of the stories--please in the future include any photos of the individuals involved as well as any statements from all parties involved from both sides. give us a full plate of information, not just the appetizer. thanks

  • jmanarc Sep 23, 2011

    It should be commen sense not to leave valuables in a vehicle--there are always people around who are looking to thrive off of someone else's hard earned money and property. Best idea is not to leave important items such as purses, wallets, credit or debit cards in a vehicle. If you can't take them inside of a place that you are visiting, then leave them locked up at home in a safe place.

  • allsmileshere Sep 23, 2011

    why even put this in the new with no pic! this is newless!

  • Mark Hayes Sep 23, 2011

    Leaving anything in your vehicle of value is a risk these days,it's to the point I have my wife and daughter checking the backseat before ever getting into their cars,we are living in a be ready for anything world and with this economy people are desperate for any way to make a buck.

  • Glass Half Full Sep 23, 2011

    What genius leaves a debit card visible in a car - locked or unlocked?

  • dgcreech Sep 23, 2011

    the pre-loaded gift cards should be able to be deactivated, correct?

  • OneLove Sep 23, 2011

    now THIS is vague...no description or anything! uggg!!! Now how can we help like this??