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Pair indicted in Kinston woman's death

Posted August 8, 2011
Updated August 9, 2011

— A Wake County grand jury on Monday indicted two people on murder charges in the death of a Kinston woman whose dismembered body was found in a Texas creek.

Grant Hayes, 32, and Amanda Hayes, 39, both of Raleigh, were arrested last month in connection with the death of Laura Jean Ackerson, 27, who was the mother of two of Grant Hayes' children.

Investigators said that they believe Ackerson was killed in North Carolina and transported in coolers to Richmond, Texas, where her alleged killers dumped the remains near the home of Amanda Hayes' sister.

Ackerson was last seen on July 13. Her car was found a week later in the parking lot of a Raleigh apartment complex, near the Hayeses' home.

Investigators haven't offered a motive for the slaying, but family members said the Grant Hayes' and Ackerson had a "volatile" relationship and had been involved in a custody dispute.


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  • MikeTysonsPunchOut Aug 10, 2011

    Wildcat, apparently you have never heard of the death penalty. Life without parole...pffff. We need to put these people out of our misery.

  • llf Aug 9, 2011

    Who says they raised their son to do something like this? I have a family member a sibling actually who has been in and out of jail. Out of 5 children he is the only one that has done anyting against the law. It was not his up bringing, but the choices he made as an adult on how he wanted to live his life. so blame the grandparents???Really???

  • same ole story Aug 9, 2011

    Another of the States great mess ups. They gave custody to this monsters parents??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? "Grandpa where is Mommy?"
    "well you see my son , your daddy, hacked her to pieces and threw her in a river in Texas. Now eat your vegetables and we can watch TV." A ward of the state is a better solution than to be in the house of people who raised their own flesh and blood to do something like this. Give these kids a chance and get them out of that home!!!!!!

  • sammyg Aug 9, 2011

    May they rot!

  • 3forme Aug 8, 2011

    Calculated slaughter..Mr. DA you need to make sure on this one 'cause the natives are getting restless..

  • wildcat Aug 8, 2011

    Life in prison for both. No parole, either. A senseless act!

  • Rebelyell55 Aug 8, 2011

    I guess that mean they'll stay in Jail for two years before being tried in court.