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Pair charged in string of convenience store hold-ups

Posted September 24, 2008

— Police have arrested two men in connection with three armed robberies at convenience stores since Friday.

Johnny Draughn, 19, of Rocky Mount, and Dexter Broadnax, 20, of Battleboro, were charged with second-degree kidnapping, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Presto on Julian R. Allsbrook Highway was robbed at gunpoint Friday, and similar armed robberies occurred Saturday at the Blue Flame on Roanoke Avenue and early Tuesday at the Blue Flame on East 10th Street, police said. In each case, the gunmen forced a store clerk into a back room, police said.

Police were trying to determine if the two men were connected to a fourth armed robbery that occurred in Gaston.


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  • OLD PIRATE 2 Sep 24, 2008

    What about the third one that was with them?

  • babyblue2 Sep 24, 2008

    Ditto all. and yes there is a common theme to all these types of crime. and no, you don't have to elaborate. IT IS WHAT IT IS !! it's called the truth staring you in the face. there's no racism or stereotyping. BYW these two young lives were ruined long before now. don't feel sad for them. let them do some real hard time, put a pair of army fatigues on them and put a gun in their hand, they want to play "big-man" so badly, send them to iraq or afghanistan and let them play shoot em' up all they want. never to come back here to the US. good riddance.

  • angora2 Sep 24, 2008

    C'mon, guys. They're so darling and cute.

  • ratherbnnc Sep 24, 2008

    Times are hard!

    Yeah! Times are hard alright! Now lets see them do HARD TIME!!

  • ratherbnnc Sep 24, 2008

    2 more young lives ruined. sad

    You must be kidding me, right? Two more lives ruined? They ruined their own lives!! Not like anyone put a gun in their
    hand and told them to rob the place! Its typical! Nothing more~

  • rafiki Sep 24, 2008

    Times are hard!

  • michnodevilfan Sep 24, 2008

    everytime i read a story like this there is always a common theme. i dont need to elaborate any further i am sure you can figure it out. i bet they have always been good boys and are probably victims of oppression.

  • teck21567 Sep 24, 2008

    Ruined... They are the ones that put the gun toward someone else.... The state of NC will waist our tax payers money to keep them warm and fed for maybe only a couple years if they get that. They ruined their own lives, we just have to babysit them now.... I rather waste money for ten years so maybe they will think agian before they do another hiest.

  • OrdinaryCitizen Sep 24, 2008

    2 more young lives ruined. sad