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Pair charged in fake license scheme

Posted March 25, 2009
Updated February 3, 2012

Editor's Note: All charges against Danalis Bernarda Arzola were dismissed by the district attorney a month later.

Authorities have charged two people who they say were selling phony foreign driver's licenses.

Williams Arzola, 40, and Danalis Bernarda Arzola, 41, both of 8705 Deerland Grove Drive, each face 19 counts of selling fake driving documents, including Mexican and Salvadoran licenses, police said.

The state Division of Motor Vehicles, Raleigh police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigated the case.


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  • rachandhearts Mar 27, 2009

    Well, paulawindley, I do not know anything about the Special Immigrant Non Minister Religious Worker Program Act that you referenced but I do know the Arzolas and they are in fact, as ash0763 said, American citizens. I have not been out of the country with them on Mission trips through their church, but I know others who have (they couldn't come back to the US if they were not citizens). As far as their personal character goes, I do not agree that they are "greedy people going around in the name of God" but rather godly people who made a mistake, for sure. As we all fall short sometimes, no?

  • ash0763 Mar 27, 2009

    paulawindley: I don't know where you're getting YOUR information from but I happen to know they are dual citizens of both AMERICA and Venezuela. Obviously that makes them LEGAL. William and Danalis are loving christians and NOT the greedy people you are claiming. And as a friend of the family, I don't appreciate you making FALSE claims about them. This truly is a tragic time for the family and my prayers are with them.

  • paulawindley Mar 26, 2009

    rachandhearts wrote"
    "Just for the record, the Arzolas are Venezuelan Americans, if that changes anyone's views/prejudices over the topic".

    I don't know where you got this information from, but William Arzola went around claiming he was here under the Special Immigrant Nonminister Religious Worker Program Act, so they were NOT even close to be "LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE USA", so, they could not be "american citizens" as it is in your statement. They were people that committed fraud to put more money in their pockets, and they need to pay for what they have done. Greedy people going around in the name of God that's all they are.

  • LambeauSouth Mar 26, 2009

    Please stop calling them Immigrants, they are illegal Aliens.
    also stop with the pity party, we all know that the only reason they are here is to send the money back to their country of origon. They jump the Border so they do not have to pay taxes, I'm sure we all would like to receive 100% of our paychecks, can I see a show of hands that want to be taxed?

    Crickets chirp............

  • LambeauSouth Mar 26, 2009

    All facilities resumed production on the same day as the raids. All returned to full production within five months. This is an indication that the plants could operate at full capacity without the presence of illegal workers.
    There is good evidence that after the raids the number of native-born workers increased significantly. But Swift would not provide information on how its workforce has changed. Swift also has recruited a large number of refugees who are legal immigrants.
    At the four facilities for which we were able to obtain information, wages and bonuses rose on average 8 percent with the departure of illegal immigrants.

    already proven kittles, these were involving the raids in Iowa

    you see us tight Americans are willing to do "the jobs Americans won't do"

    I here there's a bus leaving in a few, why don't you join them? that why you won't have to be with us "tight Americans"

  • kittnkboodle Mar 26, 2009

    working here and spending money everyday. They might not pay as many taxes but they are the first ones to put the money right back into the economy. They will spend their last penny on something that they enjoy - clothes, dining, housing, you name it. They will spend a dollar a whole lot quicker than a tight American. I must get back to my county job now... otherwise I could stay on this all day. I might be back, you never know... Anyway... let's have a spelling and history bee with American Citizens! LOL

  • kittnkboodle Mar 26, 2009

    clw9380 - I am with you all the way! It's about time someone put these people in their place. First of all, I am so tired of the ignorance in calling everyone of Hispanic decent "Mexicans." That shows our mentality here as citizens in the United States, doesn't it? It sounds to me like we need to put more money into the education system rather than deporting illegals. For the record, there are just as many sorry Americans that do not keep current car insurance. If you get into an accident with one, they will attempt to pay you off in a minute and yes, I know from firsthand experience. Also, it's kind of an oxymoron to say that illegal immigrants should not have state issued licenses, yet they should carry car insurance. Last I checked, in this lovely state of NC, you must have car insurance to get a license. It's just the opposite in NY but that's neither here nor there. You think our economy is bad now, I would love to see the United States without the illegal CONTINUE *

  • rachandhearts Mar 26, 2009

    Just for the record, the Arzolas are Venezuelan Americans, if that changes anyone's veiws/prejudices over the topic.

  • sceeter Mar 26, 2009

    clw9380 : a lot of folks get NC issued ID cards. They look exactly like Driver's Licenses but clearly state ID on them.
    The ones I have seen, and have seen quite a few over the years, have been primarily for folks of the Latino population in this area. I personally haven't seen many of the Asian, European, or Middle Eastern populations with them. I've worked both retail & social service type programs & have had to see IDs.

    Yes, most do buy liability insurance but the question is whether they've gotten the Driver License legit, which then questions whether they are legit to be here? Also, a lot of US citizens also drive without insurance/license - it's illegal.

    You are correct; there are both US citizens & illegals who do not pay ER/medical/hospital bills. Yet, just because someone can't or won't pay the ER/medical/hospital bills & seek medical care for whatever - doesn't make that someone "trash" regardless of race or nationality.

    That statement shows your "prejudice".

  • whatusay Mar 26, 2009

    clw9380...I have two friends who have been involved in wrecks caused by illegals, and neither illegal driver had insurance. Several in the car ran from the scene. Lots more do not have insurance than those few who do.