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Oxford police officer, father face assault charges

Posted November 22, 2011
Updated November 29, 2016

Editor's Note: The charge against Jason Tingen was later dismissed because the witness was deemed unreliable. Jason Tingen's criminal record was later expunged, leaving no record of the charge.

An Oxford police officer and his father were charged Monday in connection with an assault last week.

Jason Keith Tingen, 37, and Douglas Keith Tingen, 55, both of Bullock, were each charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury and were released after posting $10,000 bonds.

According to an incident report from the Granville County Sheriff's Office, the alleged assault occurred on Nov. 15 at Douglas Tingen's home following a report of trespassing. No other details were released.

The Oxford Police Department has placed Jason Tingen on paid suspension.


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  • ossie2 Nov 29, 2011

    I am learning a lot here, Jason Tingen is an"ordained minister" I did not even know he went to seminary! Of course going to seminary is not mandatory for some religion I guess, but did he miss the part about "forgive those who trustpass against us". IF I do the math correctly he is 37 year old and has been working with OPD for 20 years meaning he began work at age 17,underage for a sworn office I think! I don't think the charges had anything to do with a Deere. The charges read "assult inflicting serious bodily injury" and I don't think that ment assult on the Deere. Case where 2 (as known in the community as )hot head men (one a Police Office ) whip the heck out of another man! I know there are rule about leave with pay and of course I know about innocent until proven guilty. Now who whipped the man that trustpassed I do not know! Well tomorrow is Court day maybe we will hear some truths.

  • jonathansanford Nov 29, 2011

    this man is my brother and I can tell you, not only is he a great father and husband, but he's a good person as well. All of you here bashing his weight and such need to look into your own lives. I'm sure you're not perfect. He has two beautiful children, my niece and nephew. And yeah it was over a deer, but when a man is sent away for trespassing, and then returns to start a fight, well, you see what happens. MY brother only defended what was his and I'll stand by him til the day I die. My brother actually never laid a hand on this man except to break up the fight. This was a conspiracy by the OPD to get my brother fired as he has been working with their dept. for 20 years. They were just looking for a way to have him terminated, and this small insignificant incident was their way of doing that. Funny, people retained so much from an article that had less words in it then the response that I am now posting. My brother is also an ordained minister, that was nice to leave out also.

  • mismithbop Nov 23, 2011

    It is all about DEER. I shot that deer. No I shot that deer it's mine. No it's not it's mine,etc,etc,....

  • iwasjustsaying Nov 23, 2011

    Well....what a redneck way to lose your job and hurt your family....

  • angie91375 Nov 23, 2011

    papadsgirls, your not trespassing if they called you to their home!! and furthermore, the reasoning behind the assult is stupid and shows the true character of these rednecks...they were wrong and THEY KNOW they are wrong...Suck it up and deal with the consequences of eventually losing your job...hope it was worth it...wonder if they will mount it??

  • Deep thoughts Nov 22, 2011

    Granville County has an outstanding Sheriff's Department. I predict that Officer Tingen will be fired. Sounds to me like Papads might have a dog in this fight.

  • workingforthosethatwont Nov 22, 2011

    "If you were to live in Granville County and are aware of our sherriffs dept. and the joke that they are, you would protect your property at whatever lengths you have too, no matter what your career choice is!" from 'Papadsgirls'

    You are so right!I pray my family never has to depend on them.

  • kimsstressed Nov 22, 2011

    hendersondispatch.com has more information than this article.

  • storchheim Nov 22, 2011

    godshelper, how do you know who the victim is? It wasn't reported.

  • hunter38 Nov 22, 2011

    Hmmmm I remember just a couple of weeks ago a teacher was arrested for sexual misconduct with a student....sooo many people were posting "innocent until found guilty" well shouldn't the same apply here? And if he is found guilty then yes he should be terminated....but "everyone" has the right to due process of the law regardless of their title.