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Oxford bank robber escapes on bike

Posted November 4, 2008

Oxford police are investigating a bank robbery in which the assailant escaped on a bicycle.

The robbery happened about 4:50 p.m. Monday at the SunTrust Bank on Main Street. Police said the assailant used an automatic handgun and forced customers to get down on the floor. He fled the scene with an unspecified amount of money.

Investigators said the man was wearing a mask and a hooded sweatshirt. He stood about 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall. A further description wasn't immediately available.

Anyone with information about the robbery should contact the police department at 919-693-3161.


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  • theendoftheroad Nov 5, 2008

    Ok, so.... this SunTrust happens to be right beside the post office on like the absolute busiest corner in Oxford and he gets away on a BIKE??? ~sigh~ wondering where our dear officers were on this one..... I mean... the police station is about 2 blocks away and the police parking for the city vehicle is within site of the SunTrust... Holy Cow!! Perhaps he was just getting his cut from the wealthy a little bit early....

  • workingforthosethatwont Nov 4, 2008

    He was riding a bike because he couldn't afford the gas for his car. The gas companies have been doing the same thing for years, except we go to them to get robbed!

  • x-rpd Nov 4, 2008

    well if you look carefully he is not wearing gloves, im sure that he had to leave at least one finger print, he must not watch much tv........

  • anne53ozzy Nov 4, 2008

    Not going to go on about this but I live in Oxford and please do not disregard the importance of this incident again based on the description of this gun or the fact that thhis man got away on a bike. This is a great photo so let's focus on finding this man. Must be claustrophboic...I would think he would have covered that nose!!!!!

  • anne53ozzy Nov 4, 2008

    It's a weapon, people....who really cares if it is or is not automatic when you are looking down the barrel? I have been there with what turned out to be a CO2 pistol...Did not look like that to me or change my level of fear for years thereafter

  • CUladyinNoVa Nov 4, 2008

    I'm originally from Oxford, and my family hadn't even HEARD about this when I called. Hmm....

  • rpgrace Nov 4, 2008

    Typical sorry reporting. I can't beleive they didn't label it an "assault weapon".

    I'll be even more surprised if the leftist moderators will actually post ths. Censorship at WRAL.

  • anonemoose Nov 4, 2008

    Or stopped him and robbed him of the money and gun (that was probably stolen)

  • manofjustice Nov 4, 2008

    Who saw him leave on a bike? Which way did he go? Why didn't someone follow him. I would have and borrowed some of the money.

  • ncguy71 Nov 4, 2008

    "assailant used an automatic handgun"

    Should say - "robber DISPLAYED a SEMI-automatic handgun."

    Typical reporting by WRAL though.....