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Owner of Fayetteville adult boutique shot during robbery

Posted January 9, 2014
Updated January 17, 2014

Fayetteville police released this security video image of two men who robbed Cupid's Boutique on North Reilly Road on Jan. 8, 2014. One of the robbers shot the owner, who was in serious condition.

— The owner of an adult store in Fayetteville was in serious condition after a shoot-out with armed robbers at the store, police said Thursday.

The incident happened about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at Cupid’s Boutique on North Reilly Road. Officers said two armed men went into the store and demanded money from an employee. One of the men stood by the register with the employee while the second went to the back office and shot the owner several times.

The owner was armed and returned fire, police said. It was unclear whether the robber was injured in the exchange. The men fled the store with cash.

The owner, whose name was not released by police, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where he was in serious condition.

The description of the robbers was vague, but police released an image of them captured by security video.

Anyone with information is asked to call Fayetteville police at 910-303-9751 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477. Crime Stoppers pays cash for information leading to an arrest, and callers may remain confidential.


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  • Lightfoot3 Jan 10, 2014

    "This had nothing to do with the other" - lets_b_real79

    BOTH were armed robberies, where the lowlife criminals threaten to end the lives of innocent people to take their hard earned money/property.

    "wishing death on anyone without knowing the facts is immoral" - lets_b_real79

    I don't share your soft spot for violent criminals. THIS case is an example of what they do. Other cases are even worse.

    "how did the owner get shot if he had a gun?" - Prayer is useless

    The same way cops get shot. It's not a bullet proof shield.

    "According to the NRA, having a gun handy is supposed to PROTECT you from criminals." - Prayer is useless

    No, the NRA says it CAN protect you, not that it WILL protect you. There are no guarantees, and the NRA doesn't say otherwise (and I'm not a member of the NRA).

  • Prayer starts with P Jan 10, 2014

    wait - how did the owner get shot if he had a gun? According to the NRA, having a gun handy is supposed to PROTECT you from criminals. This story doesn't make sense. The criminals are supposed to be dead now - at least according to the NRA...

  • lets_b_real79 Jan 10, 2014

    This had nothing to do with the other....wishing death on anyone without knowing the facts is immoral and shows the depth of your thinking.

  • Lightfoot3 Jan 10, 2014

    Armed robbery, with the owner being shot. THIS is why I'm hoping that the other armed robber, that tried to swim the Cape Fear, is nothing but fish food now.