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Orange sheriff to hang up his holster

Posted September 3, 2013
Updated September 4, 2013

Orange County Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass

— After 31 years as Orange County Sheriff, Lindy Pendergrass has decided to call it quits, and he will retire at the end of his term in December 2014.

The announcement follows two recent car crashes in the county involving the 79-year-old sheriff, although he said he had decided to retire before the wrecks.

Last month, Pendergrass failed to yield the right of way and was hit by a car, according to a wreck report. Earlier this year, he caused a three-car wreck at the intersection of South Churton and Nash & Kollock streets in Hillsborough. He told police that the traffic light changed quickly, and he wasn't able to stop in time.

"Everybody, at some time in their life, if they drove as much as I have, will have a hiccup," Pendergrass said in a statement. "I'm embarrassed and sorry that it happened. I'm glad no one got hurt."

Orange County residents said they are interested to see who follows in the long-time sheriff's footsteps. School security, Orange County Sheriff's Office patrol car Orange to have first new sheriff in three decades

"I think Lindy has done a fantastic job," resident Joel Johnson said. "I hope his counterpart or the person taking over will do as good a job."

"Sometimes, some fresh new ideas are not a bad thing," resident Lori Berry said.

Filing for the 2014 sheriff's election opens in February.


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  • Sherlock Sep 4, 2013

    Just to get elect and re elected that many times shown the community liked him and trusted him. Good luck in retirement.

  • x7 Sep 4, 2013

    There is a huge wreck in Orange County right now I40/I85. I hope this is not #3

  • Raleigh Boys Sep 4, 2013

    December 2014 is a long time for an 80 year old to be driving at high speeds and slinging a gun. Why not retire now?

  • illegalsgohomerevised Sep 4, 2013

    Congrats on your retirement! 31 years is a great testiment to the kind of man you are. Everyone has mistakes happen, so go forth and enjoy your retirement.

  • stymieindurham Sep 4, 2013

    Lindy was my firearms instructor in BLET in 1980. Glad to have known him. Also glad you're not standing near me "superman". You obviously don't appreciate good character when you see it.

  • Oldfirehorse - Dr. Disturbeded Sep 4, 2013

    Best wishes for a great retirement Lindy!!

  • Relic Sep 4, 2013

    Superman - Way to toot your own horn. Tell you what, when you have driven as many miles as Sheriff Pendergrass in your 74 years in all weather, condition, day, night, fast and faster then compare yourself. I had the honor of having known Sheriff Pendergrass since 1986 and unless you've walked in his very large shoes you shouldn't compare your "stellar" driving record or anything else to his. Now go home, you're wearing your underware on the outside of your pants again.

  • superman Sep 4, 2013

    Sorry Mr. Sheriff but I just turned 74. Never had a ticket of any kind--not even a parking ticket. No accidents. Never even had my drivers license checked. Am glad you decided to get off the road. With two recent accidents you should consider giving up your license. I dont think it is safe for you to drive any more.

  • I am not who you think I am Sep 4, 2013

    Has Ellie Kinnaird anointed his replacement yet?

    don't think she and Lindy have to much in common after all he carries a "gun". One can hope she stays out of the election for sheriff. It will be interesting to see if Lindy endorses anyone

  • cseanwatts Sep 4, 2013

    Has Ellie Kinnaird anointed his replacement yet?