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Orange school board member cited for DWI

Posted February 12, 2009
Updated February 13, 2009

— A member of the Orange County Board of Education has been cited for driving while impaired, authorities said.

The charge against Ted Triebel, 67, stems from a Nov. 5 wreck on Guess Road, authorities said. A 1995 Honda ran off the side of the road east of Walker Farm Road, hit a mailbox, rolled over into a ditch and hit a tree, authorities said.

Triebel was injured in the wreck and was treated at Duke University Hospital.


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  • ERAWoman Feb 18, 2009

    Showed up late - didn't graduate from an Orange County school. However, most the people I've met I know I would have enjoyed. Thanks for the link tarheelras. I'm going to get the rest of the dirt sooner or later. Big hug to all the sisters out there fighting the good fight!

  • hurdlemills Feb 18, 2009

    Thanks for the infor tarheelras. Starting to link all this together now. There is a lot of information on savehes.blogspot.com about this issue. It was put together by parents when the OC board tried to do some of the same stuff Dana Cope has now called the Wake BOE out about. This guy triebel played a leadership role in that as well. pretty arrogant from the vids and quites captured there.
    I read the story you linked to and noticed that it was former board member Libbie Hough who lead the charge against Cook. I now remember her writing letters and sending emails in support of Ted. Strangely silent now.
    OC board is showing a trend. resignations, indictments, social engineering experiments, unrepentant drinking. Not promising for the kids. A little leadership and equal treatment wouldn't hurt.

  • tarheelras Feb 17, 2009

    ERA - This what they are talking about when they discuss the BOE and plagiarism.


  • showed up late Feb 17, 2009

    erawoman - LOL! What year did you graduate from Orange High sis?

  • ERAWoman Feb 16, 2009

    'Showed up late' - that's what Halkiotis did. What an appropriate call name for someone who supports that man.

    GoGreen - who's the plagiarist? I'm obviously behind on all the dirt on our illustrious BOE.

  • ERAWoman Feb 16, 2009

    If Halkiotis was so concerned about 'those of us N of 85' why didn't he ask for any of the 'stimulus' money for our schools? Again, northern Orange county is empty handed. Thanks Halk!!! Maybe he should go to bat FOR us instead of using a bat ON us - now there's a novel idea!!

  • showed up late Feb 16, 2009

    ERAWoman - Woa there Nellie! Halkiotis is th ONLY BOE member who consistantly goes to bat for those of us north of I-85.

  • GoGreen Feb 13, 2009

    It is news because he a public official and he was drunk when he wrecked.

  • GoGreen Feb 13, 2009

    I found it. Triebel was a Driving instructor for our youth. Isn't that special.

    "Triebel holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Engineering), a Master of Public Administration, and in 1995 earned a NC Certification in Middle School Education. He has spent considerable time within the OCS in various capacities, including work as a Math and Reading tutor at C.W. Stanford Middle School for "at-risk" students (1996-97), an OCS substitute teacher (1996-99), and a Driver Education Instructor, classroom and on-road, during summers 1997-2002."


    Resign Ted.

  • SME2 Feb 13, 2009

    And why is this news?...people wreck their cars driving drunk nightly I'm sure and we never hear about it.