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Orange man guilty of assaulting women in his home

Posted September 1, 2011

— An Orange County man was sentenced last week to prison after being convicted of attacking two women in a home near Chapel Hill last year.

A jury found Larry Johnson Edwards, 61, of 16 Alston Drive, guilty in the attacks, and a judge sentenced him to two consecutive prison terms of 86 to 113 months.

One woman was beaten with a crutch so badly that the crutch broke, and the second woman was beaten with a foot stool, authorities said. Both women were sexually assaulted.

Investigators said Edwards used drugs to lure women to his home. Crack cocaine and other drugs were seized during a March 2010 search of the house.


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  • chevybelair57sd Sep 2, 2011

    you'd think a hooker and some nurf props would be cheaper than drugs, maybe he needs to take an economics class LOL

  • Whatever27 Sep 2, 2011

    @ Imsirius...I couldn't agree more

  • imsirius Sep 2, 2011

    Those who excuse or condone this man for beating and raping women because they have a drug problem are sick. Plain and simple. And before you reply that is exactly what you are doing, blaming the victim.

  • Rebelyell55 Sep 1, 2011

    Maybe he was also selling oranges on the side...

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 1, 2011

    "Orange man..."


  • slappywhite Sep 1, 2011

    orange man?,,looks black to me

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 1, 2011

    And by the way 8Ball, he beat one with a foot stool and the other with a crutch until it broke.

    You think they agreed to that?

  • slappywhite Sep 1, 2011

    it was only a misunderstanding...........

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 1, 2011

    dae66 - "Has anyone else noticed how illiterate some of WRAL's headlines are?"

    You betcha.

    Long as it goes through spell-check, it seems to fly here.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Sep 1, 2011

    8Ball - "they chose to involve themselves in a criminal act."

    The criminal act they chose to involve themselves in obviously was taking drugs and giving sex for drugs.

    At what point do you think they agreed to be beaten by this man?