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Online fundraiser helping family hurt on State Fair ride

Posted November 25, 2013

— A fundraising website dedicated to helping three family members who were seriously injured on a ride at the North Carolina State Fair in October offers insight into their long road to recovery.

Anthony Gorham, his wife, Kisha, and her 14-year-old son, Justen Hunter, were all getting off the Vortex when it unexpectedly started. All three were thrown off the ride.

According to the website, Anthony and Kisha Gorham have had to go through several surgeries and intensive rehabilitation. While Kisha Gorham and her son have been discharged from the hospital, Anthony Gorham remains hospitalized.

The couple has two younger children who were not at the fair that night.

“The Gorham family attended the NC State Fair in hopes of some wholesome family fun. However, instead they became victims of a horrific tragedy,” the website states.

The website, organized by Justen Hunter’s father, aims to raise $10,000 to help the family with medical and other costs. As of Monday evening, a little less than $600 had been donated.

Ride owner Joshua Macaroni and ride operator Timothy Tutterow have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident. Both are out on bond.


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  • DoOntoOthers Nov 27, 2013

    First of all, the family has been through enough already, there is absolutely no need for the negativity some of you are posting. You all with the negative posts don't need to know the details of their personal lives, and should be ashamed of yourselves for criticizing the family simply because your desire for something to gossip about isn't being fulfilled because they are choosing to remain private. By your response alone it is clear you never intended to help the family anyway.

    Mr. Gorham is a tremendous asset to his community. He is and has been a role model and leader to many teens and young adults, helping to steer them in a positive direction in their own lives. It is my hope and prayer that the blessings he's provided to others will come back ten fold in his family's time of need.

  • southerntalent Nov 26, 2013

    the only thing the hospital can do is continue to send bills,the best way to help is post the hosital acct # and make sure it gets to the correct place.

  • Blessing2all Nov 26, 2013

    "they refused to allow any reports on how they were doing. Now they are trying to raise money?? I find this situation strange" - jscott13

    Me too. And that might explain why there has only been $600 donated.

    They can't have privacy AND ask the public for money at the same time.

    The father of Mrs. Gorhams's oldest child is the one who decided to start a fundraiser through a public website and could have possibly alerted the media about his efforts to help the family. So as far as we know the immediate family may have wanted their privacy. He might have just felt compelled to help in some way. So don't critisize until someone has actually talked with Mr. or Mrs. Gorham with regards to their needs. I pray a speedy recover for them all.

  • nuts4u Nov 26, 2013

    I would be willing to bet a law firm is already covering the families expenses. I would also be willing to bet the lawyers beat the people hurt to the hospital.

  • monami Nov 26, 2013

    Macaroni ought to be having his insurance pay all medical costs (and more) directly now. Then, as all have said, a big settlement from a law suit will be forthcoming.

    That said, it's wonderful to hear that two have been released from the hospital. I hope they all make a full recovery asap. Blessings to them.

  • peppercorns Nov 26, 2013

    THe lawsuit will cover all this and they will have plenty of money. When injury is due to an accident the company at fault has lawyers to handle all the medical end of it. I am sure there is a medpay option or something similar in the amusement companys insurance. THeir imediate bill, while he or she is out of work is where the trouble for the family could arise. Their rent, electric bill, phone bill, and so on...all needs to be paid.

  • ncrcates Nov 26, 2013

    Although I appreciate the fact that folks want to help with a fund raiser, the brunt of the costs needs to be borne by the folks who own that ride and the state fair folks for not overseeing the rides...

  • Wake1 Nov 26, 2013

    This has John Edwards written all over it!!

  • luvstoQ Nov 26, 2013

    I agree - the time to keep the public aware of your condition is straight from the beginning when it is at the front of their thoughts.

    Not to seem cold hearted (I'm not), but the news has gone on to other things, and now they decide they want to be remembered. That's not the way to garner public sympathy/awareness - just a hard fact of life. So sorry for their suffering. Hope them a speedy recovery.

  • sccinnc Nov 26, 2013

    Unfortunately, the money to pay the medical bills will be included in any final settlement. In the meantime, the accident victim is often expected to cover a lot of the expenses up front. Hopefully a good accident injury attorney can help them get the doctors/hospitals to wait for their money until after the settlement which can be years. Sometimes Medicaid will step in and help until the settlement is reached and then the State is reimbursed but there is usually a deductible that the victim has to pay. And then, yes, there are those pesky monthly bills like rent/mortgage, car payments, food, etc.